Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Secret to Getting Kids to Cooperate at Home or in the Classroom

In a parent’s or teacher’s stressful and busy day, gaining a child’s cooperation helps to make moments so much easier. Acquiring that cooperation can be a bit tricky and is best done well in advance. The amazing thing about acquiring a child’s cooperation in advance is that what is needed in advance really has nothing to do with the actual act of cooperation.  Instead, gaining a child’s cooperation in advance is so much simpler than many adults realize. If you’re having trouble following me, here is a video I created to visualize what I’m talking about. Please watch the video and post a reply to this post or the video itself with your thoughts. Perhaps you too will obtain pleasurable moments of cooperation with a child in your care, once you implement what you are about to learn.

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Bill Corbett is the author of the award-winning parenting book series, LOVE, LIMITS, & LESSONS: A PARENT'S GUIDE TO RAISING COOPERATIVE KIDS (in English and in Spanish) and the executive producer and host of the public access television show CREATING COOPERATIVE KIDS. With a degree in clinical psychology, Bill provides parent coaching and keynote presentations to parent and professional audiences across the country. He sits on the board of the Network Against Domestic Abuse and the Resource Advisory Committee for Attachment Parenting International.  Bill's practical experience comes as a father of 3 grown children, a grandfather of two, and a stepdad to three.

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