+Contributing Authors+

Debbie Clement, Chief Editor Website: RainbowsWithinReach Blog: RainbowsWithinReach 

Amy Ahola  Website & blog: Child Central Station

Pam Bergman  Blog: How Long is this Hall?

Dr. Danny Brassell  Website: Danny Brassell  Website: Lazy Readers' Book Club

Erika  Blog: The Other Lion

Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld

Deb Chitwood  Website & blog: Living Montessori Now

Ayn Colsh  Blog: Little Illuminations

Bill Corbett  Website & Blog: Cooperative Kids

Joanna Davis  Blog: Our Art Lately

Connie B. Dow  Website: Moving is Learning

Alec Duncan  Website: Child's Play Music  blog: Child's Play Music

Laura Balma Eldredge  Website: The Seeds Network  Blog: The Seeds Blog

Enrique Feldman  Website: FAME Foundation

Brigid Finucane

Dr. Marianne Gibbs Website: Write Out of the Box

Barbara Gruener  Blog: Corner on Character

MaryAnn Harman Website and Blog: Music with Mar

Greg Harvey  Blog: Males in Early Childhood

Cheryl Hatch Blog: Preschool Plan-it

Mary Jo Huff  Website & Blog: Storytellin'

Terri Izatt   Blog: Kinder Kapers 

Deanna Jump Website: Mrs. Jump's Class  Blog: Mrs. Jump's Class

Jennifer Kadar  Blog: Simply Kinder Blog: Simply Centers

Carolyn Kisloski  Blog: Kindergarten Holding Hands and Sticking Together

Megan Ledendecker Website: The Montessori School

Laura Lohmann  Blog: Painted Paper

Deborah McNelis  Blog: Early Childhood Brain Insights

Marsha M. Moffit McGuire Blog: A Differentiated Kindergarten

Dr. Ellaine Bailey Miller

Krissy Miner  Blog: Kindergarten Monkey Business

Carole Peterson  Website: Macaroni Soup

Crystal Radke  Blog: Kreative in Kinder

Carie Babin Ramirez  Blog: Kindergarten Hugs

Deborah Stewart  Blog: Teach Preschool

Kim Vij Blog: Blog: Educator's Spin on It

R. Scott Wiley  Blog: Brick by Brick

Carolyn Wilhelm  Blog: The Wise Owl Factory

Erin Wing  Blog: Small Types

Maggy Woodley Website: RedTed Art


  1. Debbie,
    I own a preschool and I team teach preschool and Kindergarten. I would love to contribute to this blog if you are looking for more authors. Thank you!

  2. If you are looking for new contributors let me know.

  3. I'd love to contribute sometime!

  4. I run a home daycare, used to develop the children's programs for a large community centre, and would love to contribute if you'd ever like more authors. Thanks! Erin www.theusualmayhem.blogspot.com

  5. Please let me know if you need a science contributor!

    Science for Kids Blog

  6. Hi Debbie
    I teach Preschool and Prek internationally and would love to contribute if you are looking for additional contributors.


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