Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where Does Learning Start?

Dear Friends~Where Does Learning Start?  
When I think about that question it takes me on a trip down memory lane.  

I played school all the time.  My teacher was my idol.  I loved chalk, stickers, and glitter.  Yep that is why when I went to college I had no problem knowing just what I wanted to do!  The tricky part was staying true to who I was as a future educator.  My passion was for the little ones.  I needed to be sure that I would always be teaching in the grades Where Learning Starts.  I needed to be in  PreK-3. Not a big blanket of K-8.   That is how I found my college.  Lourdes College in Sylvania, Ohio.  Their education department was small but they offered a PreK-3 certification program and after visiting the school, I knew it was just right for me. The college has grown since my days there to Lourdes University but this school laid the foundation for my education as a teacher and I will forever be grateful.

My name is Monica Schroeder and I am a 2nd grade teacher that has been in the classroom for 12 years.  I have taught grades PreK-2.  I am the founder of The Schroeder Page Blog and also The Schroeder Page which is a teacher resource site where I offer virtual training in the area of Smart Notebook.  Click the image below to read about my most recent training.

 The site is also filled with tons of goodies for teachers like videos, songs, freebies and a behind the scenes membership section!

It makes me laugh when I think about what I am up to now.  I did not learn any of this blog stuff in college. In fact, we did not even use computers and here I am at 37 LEARNING!  Learning about a whole new virtual world.  A world that my own children and my students are growing up in.  A world that I am making friends in from all over the world.  Sharing and collaborating with the most innovative educators.

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When I think about where my learning started and what I am doing today,  I am so pleased to tell you I have stayed true to my beliefs.  Even when being moved from school to school and grade level to grade level because of low seniority.   I still kept my mind in the game of hands on and developmental learning. Don't get me wrong there were many times I saw that a teacher directed classroom was easier on the teachers.  But I knew deep down it was not good for the students.  Learning is messy and loud.  Learning is creating cooperative projects and digging deep into a theme.  Learning starts when kiddos are little and hopefully it never stops!

With all this reflecting, I am forced to think about Where Learning Starts for children and how we as parents and teachers can support this life long journey.

Where Learning Starts!
It starts with music lulling a baby to sleep-Play music in your classroom.  
It starts with soft stuffed animals-create a cozy environment for learning with lamps and chairs. 
It starts with lap reading the same book over and over again-encourage repeated reading.   
It starts with mud at the park and a jungle gym for climbing-get dirty!  Paint your spelling words!
It starts with your first day of Kindergarten and your first real friends-Create a classroom community!
It starts with learning your letters with a chant from The Phonics Dance.
It starts with counting jelly beans to solve math problems-Bring real items into the classroom for your students to interact with.  
It starts with reading books by the pictures, then the words, and retelling-All children can read! 
It starts with invented spelling-Let them sound spell so that they can write without worry!

Learning starts with life and living it to the fullest.  
Learning starts with parents that give their children the opportunity to explore. 
Learning starts with teachers that encourage problem solving and teach to all learning styles. 
Learning starts with birth and continues throughout life.  


 I am  honored to announce that I will  be blogging for PreK+K Sharing!
 I am also going to be adding my PreK + K products to their new Early Education Emporium! 
I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with some AMAZING educators and to continue to share my perspective on Early Childhood Education.
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I have been busy working to add my PreK+K products to the Early Education Emporium. I am giddy  to be able to create hands on and play based activities for our littlest of learners.  
Check out some of my products below!  
Be sure to click the Singing is Learning file below because you can grab the words to lots of great tunes for your classroom!  It even comes with downloadable music! 
You can contact me by email if you are interested in a CD to accompany the file.  

In my own 2nd grade classroom,  I continue to expand on the idea of play based learning.  My students interact with music daily.  They participate in hands on centers and cooperative learning.  I want them to love school but most of all to LOVE learning.  Take a peek at some Schroeder Fun!
Below is a video of my kiddos singing a Schroeder Original: Prove It!


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  1. Loved your article Monica! Singing is SO powerful. I use it all the time and love that you highlighted that. Welcome to the collaborative blog and Happy New Year!


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