Thursday, January 17, 2013

Staying On Top of Things!

This year has sent a whirlwind of move-in's and move-out's in our school. I rarely ever have so many in my classroom. But this year is much different and I needed a system to stay ready for those new students coming into my classroom. I always have extra's "just in case" but I never really had them organized and all in one spot until right before I left to start my Christmas break this year. At the very end of the day that day, I was informed that it was one of my student's last day at our school. I was sad that we didn't get to give him a proper farewell but I didn't have long to dwell on that because a half-hour later (thankfully I was still at school) I was informed that I would be getting a new student the first day back from break. I grabbed a few of my extras as I ran around my room pulling from this cupboard and this shelf to make sure my new student would have what he needed. That's when the I thought to myself...I need ONE place where I keep all of my extras so that I am not running around the room pulling from here and there. I made myself a "New Student Supply Tub". Best thing I have done this year! (Well that and revamped my Sub Folder)

Inside of the tub I keep several extras of everything that my new students will need in my classroom.
First is our "take-home" folder, which is called the BEE Folder (Bring Everything Everyday). It is just a 2 pocket folder laminated for durability. It is taken home and brought back to school daily. Inside are important notes for parents regarding my classroom discipline policy, our school and classroom rules matrix and a list of kindergarten basics (important information to know about contacting the school, lunch prices, our class schedule, how birthdays are handled...etc).

The next item in the tub is the "Cart book" folder. Our students take home a leveled book each night to read and it is kept in this plastic folder. Included in the folder is a book log so parents can sign that their child has read the book and a "reading contract" to ensure parent's know what the cart books are, how they are to be used and a promise to let their child read to them each night.  Also included is a book mark with reading strategies and helpful hints for parents to help their child know what to do when they come to a word they do not know. One last item included is a "sight word" envelope so that students remember to practice their sight words nightly as well. Plus, this keeps all their sight words in a safe place where they won't get lost! On the other side of the folder is a latched pocket for the book that the child will be taking home. This is to ensure it doesn't fall out and get lost.

Then I have extra P.I.G. folders. This stands for Poetry Is Great! At the end of each week we put our new poem in the folder and the students take it home to read to their parents over the weekend. They then return the folder on Monday. This folder then goes in their "book box" for their silent reading time.

I also included a ziplock baggie filled with crayons, 2 sharpened pencils, 2 glue sticks, 2 erasers, and a highlighter. These are items that my students keep in their pencil box.

Last but not least I have a small container inside the tub filled with locker tags, desk tags, book-bag tags, labels, and all the goodies I need to label my students things. Also included in this little container are some of my "business" cards that I send home for parents so they will know how to get a hold of me whether it be through snail-mail, email or  phone. 

Since making this tub, I have been informed that I have 2 other students that will be moving. So I know, that when new ones move in...I will be PREPARED!!!

Just a little organizing idea I thought I would share with you! And keep in mind, it will make it easier for a sub or a colleague to find things just in case you get a new student on a day you are absent!

Happy Organizing!


  1. This is such a great idea! I have been lucky enough to NOT to have to do the switch-a-roo this year, for the first year ever! I am pinning your idea so I will remember next year!

    1. Awesome Heather! It seriously has been a crazy year for move-ins and move-outs! I feel like I can't keep! So putting together these supplies ahead of time has really saved my sanity and time :)

  2. I was really impressed with the organizational ideas you brought to this blog. Simple, effective, and visually stimulating for any young child. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Enrique! That's what I aim for...simple and effective! It's what gets me through :)


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