Saturday, January 19, 2013

Birds of a feather....

 Check out our flocks of birds hanging around our classrooms! 
One class created painted paper bird houses with paintedpaper birds another 
with flowering vines.
We used all geometric shapes to create this project. 

Circles, semi-circles, triangles, rectangles, and ovals for the birds.

Pentagons, rectangles, and circles for the bird house. 

Another class painted morning glory vines and flowers then added a painted paper bird

we looked at the poem

(Author Unknown)

Once the Morning-Glory was flat on the ground. She grew that way, and she had never climbed at all. Up in the top of a tree near her lived Mrs Jennie Wren and her little baby Wren. The little Wren was lame; he had a broken wing and couldn't fly. He stayed in the nest all day. But the mother Wren told him all about what she saw in the world, when she came flying home at night. She used to tell him about the beautiful Morning-Glory she saw on the ground. She told him about the Morning-Glory every day, until the little Wren was filled with a desire to see her for himself.
"How I wish I could see the Morning- Glory!" he said.
The Morning-Glory heard this, and she longed to let the little Wren see her face. She pulled herself along the ground, a little at a time, until she was at the foot of the tree where the little Wren lived. But she could not get any farther, because she did not know how to climb. At last she wanted to go up so much, that she caught hold of the bark of the tree, and pulled herself up a little. And little by little, before she knew it, she was climbing.
And she climbed right up the tree to the little Wren's nest, and put her sweet face over the edge of the nest, where the little Wren could see.
That was how the Morning-Glory came to climb.

then we started to painted our beautiful morning glory vine and flowers. 

Start with a line and curl it and/or twist it

add some oil pastels lines on top for add details.

Week Two: we created the birds using the geometric shapes 

I let them choose their bird's eye:
Sharpie, construction paper or you guessed it-
 Wiggle Eyes! I am always amazed at how much kids love these! 
Never take the fun out of creating because that is when the learning begins!

Laura is an elementary art teacher and the author of the blog Painted Paper. She has presented her thematic units nationally at the National Art Education Association and Ohio Art Education Association Conferences. You can follow her updates on fun and creative projects for kids here.


  1. The photos are stunning and yet so child centered, thank you for these wonderful painting ideas. Pinned!

  2. WOW!! These are so incredibly AWESOME!!! I LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful painting/Art ideas! I can't wait to share with others! Heading over to pin right now!

  3. Love the birds and their houses. We've been having a lot of fun studying and playing at being birds too.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. What great images! Geometric Art is what I saw and gladly pinned away....great idea that could be used to create just about anything. Happy New Year!


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