Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Plans, Opportunities and Cyber Store

photo of: Goal Setting Writing Exercise via PreK+K Sharing


A new year gets underway in earnest today, refilling everyone's resolve to start fresh, making commitments to better choices, greater organization and new launches! 

I have a HUGE announcement to make!
Today marks a big-start indeed! 

photo of: 2012 Washes Away to 2013 via PreK+K Sharing

Let the old waves roll out to sea and a whole new blank slate appear ~~ fresh + available for opportunity. 

From the very beginning of the inception of this blog, my driving enthusiasm was to bring excellence in the field to greater visibility, offering support and encouragement in the process. We make continual progress on that front by increasing readership here and inviting an ever wider slate of authors to contribute. 

Today marks a new day indeed! DRUMROLL>>>>>>>
PreK+K Sharing has now launched our own dot com for resources. We have our very own sweet, super cyber-store! We have just this morning cut the cyber-ribbon and opened our............. 

photo of: Early Education Emporium for PreK+K Sharing (Resources Under One Umbrella)

EEE is a gathering spot under one big polka-dotted umbrella for resources of all sorts! Books in every format and focus: professional, picture and e-style, CDs, DVDs, parent support materials, and digital products are already gathered together for your centralized shopping. 

Our authors here at the collaborative blog and some of our bestest friends have worked together to open up shop under one cooperative umbrella. By working together we plan to shine light on each other's projects and products and gain greater visibility for all in the process. EXCELLENCE! That's what its been about from the very beginning. 

As I type we already have our first dozen early adopter shop keepers and over 40 products gathered under one roof: EEE!!! I'm betting that by the end of the day we have oodles more, with new additions arriving day-by-day all week long. 

photo of: 13 Winners at PreK+K Sharing for Early Education Emporium Launch

There are numerous surprises up our sleeve for door prizes for our early customers. What do you suppose will happen with our 13th sale in the year 2013? What if YOU are LUCKY number #2013 to make a purchase? I know you'll be happy if we contact you with the news that you are the fortunate one to support the excellent endeavors of your peers!! There are give-aways, thank-yous, surprises and rewards up our sleeves. 

What can you do to help? 

  • Come over to the EEE and take a look around!
  • Come back often to see what's been added.
  • Shop to your hearts content ~~ we're built to accept credit cards.
  • Tell your friends!
  • Consider opening your own emporium-shop under our umbrella! (Special incentive plan offered NOW! Get up to 6 months of listings for FREE! Free to have your own shop set up thru June 30th.)
  • Pin our umbrella image above to your fave-o board. I wonder what the 113th pinner will receive? 
  • Tweet the news. Send it out in Google +, Sulia.... Use hashtag #EarlyEducationEmporium for a chance to win!
  • You get the idea: BANG THE DRUM!! JOIN THE PARTY!!
photo of: Back to School Resources of Support at PreK+K Sharing
Getting Organized for the New Year? Look no further!!
***If you came over today in search of organization ideas, we have them from many perspectives. Our #5th read article of all time was FILLED with links to organizational ideas, click here to see all of those ideas. Deanna Jump's sense of humor is chronicled here as she battles back the stuff that makes for shrieking into a system for success. Kaci Hoffer has a year's worth of insight there. Pam Bergman shares her secrets for keeping all of those felt storyboard pieces just where you need them at this click

***If you're determined to start the new year thinking on health issues and searching for insight into the epidemic on childhood obesity, I gathered statistics and resources in this article exactly a year ago. If you need a coach to outline your own personal health goals, seek out our own Dr. Ellaine Miller's insight here and there. Or look to Rachel Suppala's journey to health in this personal article.  

photo of: Debbie Clement at her first national KEYNOTE

***This has been a BIG year for me on so many levels. In addition to now holding the keys to the front door of our EEE, just a couple of weeks ago I cemented my own professional milestone by delivering my first NATIONAL keynote. Yes. Debbie did Dallas. I spoke for the Annual Parent Institute for the National Head Start Association. 
photo of: An "Open Letter of Encouragement" from Debbie Clement of RainbowsWithinReach
Heart-felt Empowerment for Goal Reaching

If you're looking for an article on making your dreams come true, particularly when they seem to be taking for-ev-er to materialize, you'll wanna take a look at my insight, over at RainbowsWithinReach. It's a heart-felt letter of encouragement. I've been told its appropriate to have a tissue near-by, particularly if you've ever dealt with the "MeanGirlsClub." 

But if what you REALLY need for tomorrow are some ideas for winter-time projects, I just gathered together one of my famous seasonal RoundUPs over at my place. You're just a click away. There are five different winter bulletin boards awaiting your selection.
Dreams really do come to fruition. It takes willingness. It takes time. It takes perseverance. It takes baby steps. I can't wait for the 2014 report, twelve months hence. How many store-fronts will be under our polka-dot umbrella by that point in time? How many products? We should start a poll now!!! Thanks for being part of it all. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Leaving a comment of congratulations, might just enter you into one of our 13 contests. Go ahead. Help us spread the word! 

-- Debbie --

P.S. Forever and for always the link to our Emporium will be that tab on the far right, at the top of the blog!

This article is the very first to be added to Denise's very first Show & Tell Tuesday!


  1. You are the MOST energetic and hopeful person and you inspire us all! Your photos should be in every classroom to keep teachers inspired. Good luck with your cyber store! May the servers be ever in your favor!

    1. Thanks so much, Carolyn. The new launch will be FOREVER memorable, won't it? Still shaking my head in disbelief. I am so grateful to have you on the team!


  2. Congrats! I am heading over to check it out.

    1. YEAH!! Thanks so much! Bring your friends! Let's do lunch!!


  3. KUDOS Debbie!!!!

    You have created something that will be of great value to professionals and parents!! This will be an extremely easy way to find wonderful resources for the benefit of the children we all so deeply care about!

    1. One step at a time, right, Deborah? It really is coming together and I'm so grateful to have your professionalism in the mix!!

      Here's to the year ahead!


  4. Thanks for linking up to Show & Tell Tuesday! You were my first ever entry in my first ever Show & Tell!!
    Love the sand graphic!

    Sunny Days In Second Grade

    1. That's seriously an honor that I will treasure!

      Thanks for popping over, Denise! Hugs to all of my little gator buddies!


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