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The Best You Yet….. Sharing A GREAT Book List With YOU!

Happy 2013 to you!!

A new year brings with it the wonderful anticipation for creating improvement in our lives! 
It can bring excitement for all that is possible! Isn’t that a wonderful feeling!?

This is exactly why I also get so EXTREMELY enthused about all we know, understand and are continuing to learn about the brain!! This knowledge and awareness about the brain also provides excitement for new possibilities. When we have our brains functioning best… we can be an even more effective and positive influence for the children in our lives.  And… when we better understand and provide what developing brains need most, then we can support their optimal growth!

So….Let’s make 2013 a year that we REALLY use our BRAINS!

The Best You Yet..

Often, with new year resolutions we primarily focus on improving our bodies. Isn’t if funny that we don’t usually make resolutions to make positive changes for our brain? The beauty is however, if we focus on doing what is best for our brains… the health and function of our body (and many other aspects of our life) easily and dramatically improve also!

When We Provide our brains with:  

Healthy Nutrition…..

The Best You Yet...

Adequate Amounts of Sleep…..

The Best You Yet...

Physical Activity……

The Best You Yet...

Opportunities for Fun and Play…..

The Best You Yet...

Time in Nature…..

The Best You Yet...

Positive Outlooks

The Best You Yet...


have a better ability to focus and pay attention
have improved memory abilities
increase problem solving skills
have fewer cravings for non-nutritional foods
have greater amounts of energy
have improved and more positive moods
and overall better and healthier lives!!

Brainy Book List for YOU!

Brainy Book List!

So, here is a list of 13 brain books, that I want to share with you for your Fabulous 2013!!

Some are adult focused and some are focused on the brains of children.
(and they are in no particular order)

It would be great to have you comment on these and also add your favorites. 
We can all benefit from hearing what you have found to be valuable!!  


When you learn something new (at any age) you create new brain connections! 
How great is that!?   

I sincerely hope you enjoy this list and find great benefit from all these authors share!

1.       The Blossom Method by Vivien Sabel

2.       Inspired Children by Dr. Rosina McAlpine

3.       The Science of Parenting by Margot Sunderland

4.       Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

5.       What Is Eating Your Child? by Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND

6.       Evolve Your Brain by Joe Dispenza, D.C.

7.       Play by Stewart Brown, M.D.

8.       Brain Rules by John Medina

9.      Moving To Learn by by Gill Connell, Robyn Crowe and Kate Hanratty

10.   Creativity, Curiosity, and Courtesy by Patricia A. Dischler

11.   Sleepless in America by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

12.    MindSight by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

13.   The Hurried Child by David Elkind

Enjoy a wonderful year making a very positive difference toward happy and healthy brains for ALL!!
Basics to Brilliance with Brain Insights

It would be wonderful to have you visit my blog and BrainInsights website to gain further info to feed your brain or I would love to come to your community to help create brighter brains everywhere! You can e-mail me at


Have you visited the new PreK + K Sharing Early Education Emporium Yet?
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WONDERFUL new resources from a variety knowledgeable, dedicated and caring professionals throughout the year!!
It is an extreme pleasure to share Brain Development Activity Packets with you in the new Early Education Emporium
Healthy and Optimal Brain Development is so critically important and also is so easy to implement into busy every day lives!! It is a passion of mine to make this easy and inspiring for all who care about children!
So, I can not wait for you to go check out each of the brain packets that will contribute to loving interactions, learning and fun even though 
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Not only will you get ideas to have right on hand to keep growing minds busy... but you will also enhance your own brain by easily learning more about how brains develop. You get the "what to do" and the "why to do it" all in beautiful packet geared for each year from birth through age five!
This is what ALL kids want ALL adults to know!! 

WONDERFUL Wealth of Resources for ECE

I am anxious to read your comments about your favorite brain books and your views on the ones I have shared with you!! 

AND.... I so hope you greatly enjoy visiting and telling your friends, co-workers and family about the the NEW Pre K + K Sharing Early Education Emporium site!!



  1. Looks like a very intriguing list. The only one I've read is the Last Child in the Woods and it really inspired me to do more outdoor work with the kids this year. Will have to check out some of the others. Personally, one of my resolutions is to try to start learning a new language-I agree we can always learn something new! :)


  2. Glad to know you find the list intriguing!! How wonderful to know that you are inspired to provide more outdoor experiences this year! Last Child in the Woods certainly is a good one to provide that inspiration. There are several posts on this blog to provide outdoor activity ideas as well!

    You might also be very interested in one of the brain packets on the new Early Education Emporium. It is called, Naturally Developing Young Brains. It provides 40 nature activity ideas ... and also gives insights into how those activities benefit the brain!

    Best wishes with learning a new language. You will be making many new brain connections with that new learning!!

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. Great blog post! Absolutely excellent information and message. Looking forward to reviewing the book list. Warmest regards and appreciation for your enthusiasm and all you do to help growing brains.

  4. Deborah, Thank you for this great list of books...there are some I haven't read and others I know well and LOVE!
    I also wanted to say that I am a HUGE fan of your work. Your Brain Insights cards for 0-5 are amazing and I highly recommend them to any new parent who wants to support their child's brain development.
    Best wishes in all you do and thanks for the great support you provide parents


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