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Our world seems to be getting smaller as we grow and grow and grow.  A powerful microchip fits easily not in our palm, but on a small part of one of our fingers.

Welcome to those of you who are new to my blog and to PreKandKsharing.  My name is Enrique and I'm an educator, artist, dad and amateur chef.

Enrique in between rehearsals for the multi media Theatrical Show "Dancing in the Universe" premiered at the Eller Dance Theatre.
Most of blogs have MANY images and give you VERY SPECIFIC ideas on strategies you can use in your classroom and in your home to improve how children and adults learn.  All of them are related to artistic approaches of some kind.  Today's blog is simple, yet profound... this blog is for you, the adult learner.  Here is how you can experience it.

Look at each image below and each question that accompanies it.  Write down your feedback and keep it for yourself or better yet, respond on Twitter at #teacherfriends.  I keep that hashtag on my TwitterDeck and I promise I'll respond.  You can respond with a question, an answer, a comment, an image... you choose... HERE... WE... GO.

What would the world look like if every child/student was so engaged that they were eagerly anticipating what was about to happen?

My son, Nick, when he was 1 year old... our love is unconditional.

What would the world look like if every child/student was not just solving problems, but solving them creatively?

Jack Marchant (left), Nick, and Miles Marchant (right) and all three are creative problem solvers!
What would the world look like if every child/student was not just searching, but searching for deeper meaning?

Corey Ferrugia (left, Founder of MyTown & MyTown Music), Spencer & Ryan (songwriting students) and me of course!
What would your classroom look like if when you saw a child copying another child, you said "What great shared learning you are involved in!"

Miles Marchant (left), my daughter Sam (age 7), and Tigger, a.k.a., my son Nick (age 3)
What would your personal world look like if all your projects were connected to your priorities?

Dr. Carroll Rinehart (right) and our projects and priorities are definitely connected!
What would your personal world look like if all the people in your life were supportive of your priorities and projects?
The absolute love of my life and wife, Marie Sierra...she has always supported me :)

My son Nick (current, 16 yrs old) supports me and I support him... cue up Kumbaya

My daughter Sam (left, current age 20) and we support our artistry...ahhhh!
What would the world look like if we spent more time asking great questions?

Think about who you guide and influence.  It might be one child and/or one adult.  It might be thousands of them.  Think about what kinds of questions would be followed by silence (the sound of thinking) and what kinds of questions that might lead to?

Ok... so, if you're really hungry for some concrete ideas on things to do in the classroom go to my listing of all the blogs I've written with PreKandKsharing.  

Have a wonderful November and Happy Thanksgiving and remember to Live, Love, and Learn like a Child!

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