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PreK+K Sharing Turns THREE with a HUGE Give Away!

PreK+K Sharing Collaboration: THIRD Birthday Celebration Give Away!

OH HAPPY DAY!!! Collaboration turns THREE!
WIN OVER $300 Worth of ECE PRIZES!!!

If you had a baby born on November first of 2011, that child is now quite the independent young whizz kid: singing, playing, discovering, building, digging, jumping, questioning and exploring at every opportunity! And that's just what happens around here at our collaborative blog ALL!THE!TIME! 

Month in and month out: it is a thrill to see our collective efforts of contribution to the Early Childhood field continue. Three years is a long time! I am so very proud of the 750 articles that fly united here under our collaborative banner. This is now something of an encyclopedia of sharing!

What an honor and thrill to wear the crown of editor-in-chief and rub elbows with these dignitaries and authors. I stand in awe and gratitude for the dedication of these professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty to share their best. My heart is full. THANK YOU. 

It is time for a CELEBRATION! 

PreK+K Sharing Collaboration: THIRD Birthday Celebration Give Away prizes from Debbie Clement

In honor of our latest milestone we've gathered some happy prizes for a VERY lucky winner! I will be giving away a set of all three of my picture books. Each of my books include a CD insert inside, as the text of that book are the lyrics to one of my earlier songs. I write on the first of every month and this is my body of work here at the collaborative. You can get better acquainted with my work and travels over at my blog: Rainbows Within Reach

PreK+K Sharing Collaboration: THIRD Birthday Celebration Give Away prizes from Simply Kinder

The first to jump into the give-away spirit was our very own "Simply Kinder" Jennifer! We have had the amazing opportunity to be together on several memorable occasions, the latest of which culminated in my visiting her school wearing my author hat and then the four of us taking a JEEP tour across Sedona, hubbies included. If you want to see a picture of me levitating over Red Rocks click here, but most likely you want to see what Kadar is cooking up at all things Simply Kinder! Here are her contributions around our Sharing collaborative. 

It was her brilliant idea to ask EduCents to get involved and involved they got! The lucky winner will receive a gift certificate for $100 worth of goodies from the EduCents vault of unique shopping opportunity! Think of the VALUE of that prize on the little lives you impact! 

PreK+K Sharing Collaboration: THIRD Birthday Celebration Give Away prizes from EduCents

This summer I had the great good fortune to have the brilliant Deborah McNelis stay in our summer haven for a delightful visit! She was our #GuestEduCelebrity in the spotlight of one of our #TeacherFriends Twitter Chats. We tweeted together in real time! What a hoot! I also got to eavesdrop on her conversations with China on spreading her amazing 'brain-work' around the world. Deborah is donating her brain packet for 'Thriving at Five.' I know the winner will glean much from her awesome set of cards and their professional presentation. We will see each other next at the Redleaf author's reception at NAEYC.  Visit her website, Brain Insights for all the latest! Deb's articles here at the collaborative are simply amazing. 

PreK+K Sharing Collaboration: THIRD Birthday Celebration Give Away prizes from Brain Insights

Next up! Our lucky winner will receive a set of FOUR CDs from one of our founding {and most consistent} contributors, MISS CAROLE! We go back in the 'way-back' machine a VERY l-o-n-g time! Let's just suffice it to say that my hubby has had birthday pizza in Miss Carole's dining room on more than one occasion! We have been the guests more times than I can count in the windy city home of the gracious hostess, Miss Carole. Ages ago the two of us got to co-present at a national convention of the American Library Association. Seeing Carole's snowball blizzard unfold in real life is an amazing experience! Visit her articles here at the collaborative or her website Macaroni Soup for her latest adventures. We have Dallas-NAEYC hugs slated for next week at her booth! 

PreK+K Sharing Collaboration: THIRD Birthday Celebration Give Away prizes from Miss Carole

What a complete delight to have two digital products donated by one of our newest authors. I can always count on Terri's enthusiasm and support when I have yet another of my last minute ideas. Terri has contributed her two best sellers to our incredible prize package. The two of us have yet to meet in real life, though our plans to do so are scheming all the time. When ever I have an opportunity to travel WEST I think of Terri! One of these times we're going to have all of our ducks in a row and it is going to happen. Terri blogs at "Kinder Kapers" and has a growing list of articles here under our PreK+K Sharing banner as well. 

PreK+K Sharing Collaboration: THIRD Birthday Celebration Give Away prizes from KinderKapers

Ask and you shall receive. Dr. Ellaine Bailey-Miller is one of those 'get results' type of people! She is a dynamo and power house for certain. I have gotten to observe her organizational skills and insight upon her invitation to give the keynote at Auburn University several years ago for their state conference. It has been a pleasure to watch her children grown up over the years of our continued interaction. She writes for us on so many issues near and dear to the youngest in our midst. She contributes a copy of "The Scientist in the Crib" for the lucky winner. Thanks Ellaine! 

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Our lucky winner will receive Carolyn Kislowski's newest and coolest digital download product called "Book Ends: Writing Prompts for Author Studies." What could be nearer to my heart? Carolyn is also 'newish' around these parts, but settling into her date with the bestest of front-line-Kinder-teacher insight every month! I've just realized that she lives in the area our youngest went to college. Cue 'Small World' music. My favorite fall-memory? Driving through her hillsides. If only we had known each other then! Learn all about Carolyn at her blog, "Holding Hands and Sticking Together" which tells you a lot about this dear heart. Or read her articles contributed for over a year, here at our community. 

PreK+K Sharing Collaboration: THIRD Birthday Celebration Give Away prizes from Holding Hands + Sticking Together

Carie. My sweet Carie. I have written numerous articles about how the two of us met one another and all of the interactions that have taken place since our first encounter. Carie's contribution now is that of a kindergarten teacher, but prior to her central Illinois classroom? She served our country for nine years in the Army, with a year of active duty in Iraq. The woman is energy, enthusiasm and eagerness all rolled into one. Think dynamo, think Carie. She is contributing her Kindergarten Office digital download. I saw them in action in her classroom and knew that others would WANT them! Find Carie's thoughts at "Kindergarten Hugs" or around here, too! 

PreK+K Sharing Collaboration: THIRD Birthday Celebration Give Away prizes from Kindergarten Hugs

There are so many things that come from the blogging experience. Growth. Friendships. Learning. People. Insight. Professionalism. Staying with it/blogging/writing over the long haul reaps all sorts of additional rewards. I just recently received a copy of Dr. Julianne P. Wurm's book, "More Working in the Reggio Way" as a result of my own trip to Reggio and reflections on this incredible approach to working with children. She found ME! I have promised a review of her book and then promised to pass it on to a lucky winner! Talk about perfect timing! I have been turning the pages and learning so much from her insight. As promised I will pass my copy to our lucky winner! 

PreK+K Sharing Collaboration: THIRD Birthday Celebration Give Away prizes from the REGGIO Way

To conclude. Insert drum......roll....... 

Without a doubt the author that receives the most readers month after month after month is our very own Deb Chitwood!!! It is amazing to see how she weaves together a modern Montessori approach around themes and freebies that she searches the cyber-globe to collect into her monthly contributions. Not only does she write from the heart and soul of experience, making every teacher and parent's work easier, but she professionally networks her article out to the wider world as well. I always wonder if she has more minutes in her hours, or how I might follow in her footsteps to learn how she juggles it all! We came so close to meeting in Colorado, but alas, she was moving even further westward at the time. Meeting this powerhouse is at the top of my blogger bucket list. Visit her comprehensive blog, "Living Montessori Now" or spend the day in her contributions to our collaboration. In either place you will be blessed. Our lucky winner will receive a copy of her eBook, "Montessori at Home or School: How to Teach Grace and Courtesy." From the title alone, you know why we adore this woman!  

PreK+K Sharing Collaboration: THIRD Birthday Celebration Give Away prizes from Living Montessori Now


It is TOTALLY my fault that I had this give away idea at the last possible moment. Some of our authors will be discovering our fun once the Halloween hoopla settles down. 

I have just heard from our national dance expert, Connie Dow that she is contributing a copy of her first book, "Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn" to sweeten the grand prize. Connie's articles are gathered here for your reference. You will want to learn more at her website.  

"PreK+K Sharing" Collaboration Celebration and GIVE AWAY: Prize from Connie Dow

True to form. I can ALWAYS count on Bill Corbett! He has just found out about our party and is adding a copy of his book to the loot pile. You can learn more about Bill at his site, Cooperative Kids or read back through his many articles in support of parents. 

"PreK+K Sharing" Collaboration Celebration and GIVE AWAY: Prize from Bill Corbett

How lucky are you feeling? 
I know you REALLY want to win this GRANDEST of GRAND prizes! 

I've made the Rafflecopter SUPER easy! 

You get entries for following our blog, tweeting or pinning. 
Good luck! 
I threw in some extra digital downloads for runner-ups! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The whole reason that it finally dawned on me that this birthday-milestone was about to unfurl, is that we are packing and leaving for NAEYC at dawn. In many ways the annual NAEYC conference is the before and after watershed marker of my calendar year. 

Zaner-Bloser FREE Videos on Fine Motor Fun thru Song and Dance

THIS YEAR. NEXT THURSDAY! I will be presenting on Nov. 6th at 1:00 in the afternoon in room D222!!! I am very grateful to Zaner-Bloser for their continued support and sponsorship! If you're attending NAEYC, by all means I invite you to come! Bring a friend! The title of my workshop is, "ABC, 123, Just for Me: Movement and Music make Fine Motor Fun." This is the official launch of the two videos we shot earlier this year for Fine Motor Fun. Before and afterwards please meet me at my booth #1119.

If you are in the Dallas area on Tues., Nov. 4th you are cordially invited to the ZB kick-off reception that begins at 4:00 with hors d'evours and PRIZES at your favorite Dallas restaurant. Reach out to me for that location so that I can add you to the guest list! 

Now how can I be of further service to you? How about a couple of links to some of my favorite articles for November! Just click the picture to leap over to my blog! 

Veterans Day Observance: Book and Song by Debbie Clement

Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards and Classroom Doors

Earlier I wrote about the inherent potential for racism to unfold in our over-simplified observation of Thanksgiving with young children. I know we all mean well, but every year we need to take a harder look at what we present to our youngest on the reality of history. 

Kindergarten Drawings of Native Americans for Thanksgiving via RainbowsWithinReach 

If you still have time for a few Fall Leaf Color Projects, 
this RoundUP is for you! Granted there are some jack-o-lanterns mixed in, but the seasonal tree colors win the day!

Fall Arts + Crafts Projects for Children (Fall RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)

One of my favorite RoundUPs of the last month was this one that includes 56 Easels in the Early Childhood classroom. If you're a creative-type I know you'll get a kick out of looking over my shoulder! 

56 Easels: What do you WONDER? Creativity explored at RainbowsWithinReach

For those of you that like to plan well ahead, here are some Christmas possibilities.

Christmas Bulletin Boards and Decorated Classroom Doors via RainbowsWithinReach

Christmas Bulletin Board RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach

Can't wait to see you in Dallas! 
Good luck with our Give-away!

Here's some photos of earlier NAEYC fun with the authors! 

Where's our picture from last year? 
Will need to scout about a bit!  


  1. What a happy celebration! Happy birthday to this blog! :) I love collaborating with other teachers through blogs and social media, and learning about all that is going on our there in other classrooms! So many ideas to gain from each other and of course it is simply fun! Thanks for all of your contributions and for connecting us early childhood educators!

  2. Wow wouldn't that be a bountiful load of resources for a early childhood classroom. Congratulations on your 3rd year of providing us with your great ideas.

  3. Congratulations! Your blog has great resources for my developmentally delayed special ed Kindergarten and first grade students!

  4. Congratulations on 3 years! Your blog has been a great resource for me to use in my Pre-K class. Thank you!

  5. Congratulations Debbie! I am so blessed to have met you through this world of teacher collaboration! Have a great time in Dallas (I wish it was just a little closer!).

  6. Happy Blog Birthday! Thanks for all your help and resources!

  7. Congrats! I love collaborations because I can not only share and get new ideas from colleagues but also from teachers all over the state, country, and world! Thanks for having this giveaway!

    1. YOU ARE OUR GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!!!! LUCKY DUCKY Mary!!!! I will email you to get your snail mail address! Your mailbox will be full over the coming weeks! Thanks for playing! ~~ Debbie

  8. I was excited at first because of Deb's book on Montessori Grace & Courtesy, but as I read on I became more and more excited about everything! My son is 2.5 and we've started homeschooling proper, and all these resources would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Wow, it's like Christmas morning! ;) Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  10. The Scientist in the Crib- how fascinating! Lots of great goodies in this giveaway! Awesome!


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