Monday, April 29, 2013

Science for Kids: Honey bees, Flowers & Freebies!

Hi everyone! This is Sue Cahalane from Science for Kids Blog, I'm so excited to be here on the 29th of every month & I'm happy that spring has sprung! I just completed a flower & honey bee activity with my PreK students. Their little hands made the cutest flowers:

 We learned all about honey bees and their amazing eyes. Many of my students think honey bees see hundreds of the same image.  This is a misconception! Throw away those insect eye viewers!

(That comic above is entitled "The last thing a fly ever sees"! Pretty funny but it is bad science!) Bees see one image only: 

My kids are fascinated by the fact that bees actually have 5 eyes!

This is the worksheet I use:

Here are the patterns I use to create a little bee:

We planted Morning Glory seeds - they are fast growers! My kids say they look like little green dragonflies & I have to say I agree! Here they are in our greenhouse after just one week: 

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Happy Spring!


  1. Your printables are super cute! I especially love the "How a Bee Sees" page. Thanks!

  2. This is wonderful! And just in time as I start my unit on Plants! Thank you :)

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