Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April: Month of the Military Child


April is the month of the military child.  There are several hundred thousand children today in US or overseas public schools whose parents are in the military. A high degree of mobility is demanded of these children and of their parents. 

Relocation is a reality that a significant number of these dependents are separated from at least one parent due to overseas deployment. Kids of Active Duty parents, move around the world, acclimating themselves to new cultures, new friends, new homes and new surroundings. 

As overseas educators, we are of the belief that those who serve our country should not sacrifice the success of their children. They are strong. They are resilient. They are adaptable. They have inspired us to give it our all as we walk into the classroom each day. 

I hope these activities will create awareness of the service and sacrifices of our military's children. They have been specifically designed in support of these children in a unique role. 

This is an opportunity to thank children for their support to our nation's fighters, and recognize the important role they play in the strength of our nation by contributing to the strength of the military family.

TheBeezyTeacher writing to you from Germany
~~Department of Defense Dependent Schools Overseas

The photos in this article are examples from my classroom and are taken from my digital download product entitled, "Salute the Military Kids." This digital product is now available for you in our Early Education Emporium. Please shop in your jammies and instantly purchase this product to help celebrate the Month of the Military Child. 

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  1. Very nice insight and I appreciate the concrete ideas and all the photos. Thank you! Pinned to my Thank a Vet board.


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