Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fine Motor Skills..... Write Out of the Box

Fine Motor Skills..... Write Out of the Box with Dr. Marianne Gibbs
Last month we discussed the definition and development of the tripod pencil grasp in young children – super important in the age window of 3-6 years old! This month I want to encourage the expansion of the writing center…Write Out of the Box!

photo of: Dr. Mari on Fine Motor Play at PreK+K Sharing (the 18th of Every Month)

Give Your Writing Station a Little Punch!
A Mini Hole Punch, that is! Children LOVE to play "Office", which is a perfect play-based activity to build hand skills for future handwriting and writing. A Mini Hole Punch is an especially beloved item by young children - it is tiny and punches with purpose! This gem is not only a super fun "office" supply in the Writing Station, but also serves to develop the tripod grasp.

Tool Time: Mini-Hole Punch

When children hold the Mini Hole Punch with their Busy Fingers they reinforce the tripod grasp position, which is helpful to holding a pencil comfortably and efficiently. As children are expected to write longer sentences, paragraphs, and stories in the primary grades - they need a comfortable, positionally-efficient pencil grasp to support lengthy writing production.
So add Mini Hole Punches to a great assortment of thick, colorful papers, stickers, envelopes, paperclips, rulers, folders and file holders to organize it all! This is Play with a great Purpose!

Mini Hole Punch Activity Ideas:
  • Practice sequencing skills according to alpha or numeric patterns on thick paper to create design
  • Create their own lacing cards (laminate for longevity)
  • Create mosaic art projects with the punched chads
  • Have punched chad races with Squishy Fish
Squishy Fish 

Punch it Up....Write Out of the Box!
Dr. Marianne Gibbs, EdD, OTR/L

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  1. Great ideas! I haven't seen the mini hole punches. I'll have to look for them! I just added some mini staplers to my writing center. The kids love it! Thanks for sharing!

    Learn + Play = PreK


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