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My background in Early Childhood Education comes to this venue with over 35 years working with children and families in a southwestern Indiana river town.  Our center worked with 115 – 3, 4 & 5 year olds each year.  As each year began we targeted centers, story time, music, outdoor play, snacks and special events around color.

Create a colored basket and add many books for the children to explore.  Spicy-Hot-Colors is a great book to introduce to children.  

Check out the Blue Chicken by Deborah Freedman

Another book about colors and don’t forget “Pete the Cat” along with any other books you can fill your color basket with to invite the children to look and read.


Enjoy this beautiful book filled with color and invite the children to make their own colorful butterfly.  Coffee filters, markers and water sprayed on the marker creates a beautiful butterfly that can be added to a clothespin body or tied in the middle with a pipe cleaner for the body and a half of a pipe cleaner used for antenna. 

Little Blue and Little Yellow has been a favorite for many, many years.  Purchase two rolls of cellophane YELLOW & BLUE – found at local craft stores.  Cut out circles and add a craft stick and now you have two puppets.  The children can act out this story using their puppets and you can send them home with a note to the parents about this beautiful story.

 And now I must share my favorite book for this time of the year.  It is
a story I read as the Monarch Butterflies evolve in Southern Indiana.  The colors in the illustrations are exceptional as is the story.  Go to Amazon or ABE Books and get a copy to share with children.

 Enjoy the colors in our world and find the time to let the children enjoy all the colors that surround their world.  I spent over 35 years working with children and now I travel sharing the power of language and literacy along with music, movement, finger plays, poems and of course STORIES!

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  1. What a good idea to have children associate books and colors, even spicey hot colors! Your students are learning so much. Carolyn


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