Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ladybugs and Flower Power!!

Well, it’s that time of the month again. Greetings from your friendly Texas Kindergarten teacher. Spring is in the air and man does it smell sweet! I really love Spring. We are studying ladybugs, plants and flowers right now. Our playground is covered with the most beautiful bluebonnets.
Ahhhh! Life. Is. Good!
I love to watch my students explore and observe our ladybug dome. They amaze me with their ability to remember the correct terminology of each stage in the life cycle. My favorite though was when a child said they found a “coopa”. I said, “That is great love but it’s called a pupa.” Haha! They are so sweet. 

The spirit of a child embraces creation and the mystery and beauty of new life, whether it is that of a bug or a flower. I love that! If we could only be so lucky to live our entire lives like that. J Here are a few fun pictures of what we are doing in Mrs. Radke’s room this week. 

Take a peek at our Science Center and our Ladybug Dome. We have watched 10 ladybugs life cycle through our classroom so far. Awesome!

We also made this chart and drew our own ladybugs to go with it. It is always best of students can add anything to whatever you make. It helps give them ownership of all classroom work. It is never just my work. It is always “our work” and that makes them proud. J

Here is a fun song that my kids like to watch and sing too. 

So, what is Springing up in your classroom right now?



  1. Oh Crystal - somehow I missed that you were in TX, too! LOVE the bluebonnets!! Our first grade team is in the midst of a Hey, Little Spider PBL. They've read the book Hey, Little Ant and are substituting Ant for Spider, wondering if they should squish the spider or let it be. They're rolling out the research to find out whether spiders are friend or foe. Yesterday one of the spiders got away during its transfer to the class aquarium/holding tank and I got to help rescue it because it turns out the teacher is deathly afraid of them. And yet, she's spearheading the project, all in the name of springtime, science, and students! Thanks for a great post - the lady bug study looks adorable.

  2. I really like the idea of the ladybug dome for the science table! This song is adorable too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your ladybug anchor chart! I'm also a fan of letting the kids create and add something to teacher made materials. Wish I could have seen this post before I did my ladybug project a couple of weeks ago. =) Thanks for sharing ...I'm filing this idea away for next year!

  4. Barbara,
    Our first grade is currently "growing" frogs and second grade is hatching chicks. We have creations growing in all corners. It is exciting!
    <>< Crystal

  5. Your ladybug dome is great, Crystal! And I love the "Ladybug, Ladybug" song. I pinned your post to my Insect Unit Study Pinterest board at


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