Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Showers Bring Mud


Celebrate children during this spring month by encouraging their exploration of mother nature. Plant a garden in your area and give the parents instructions about planting a small flower or vegetable garden at home so the children can examine, predict, and eat the vegetables during the summer.
CELEBRATE Earth Day and talk with the children about the environment they live in and explore ways to make our earth a better place to live.

Dig some mud, add water until soupy and invite the children to fingerpaing on shiny paper. It is a great experience especially for the children who have never put their hand in soil. Create a bulletin board to display the children's mud paintings.


Invite the children to squat down on the floor and sing this little ditty as they spring up and down, batting their eyes on the CLUMP, CLUMP, CLUMP! This is some rhythmic fun that you cannot do just once.

GLUMP went the little green frog one day
GLUMP went the little green frog.

GLUMP went the little green frog one day
And his/her eyes went CLUMP, CLUMP, CLUMP!

CELEBRATE all month and concentrate on the connection to NAEYC and honor all CHILDREN!

Mary Jo Huff, Author, Storyteller, Song Writer, Puppeteer,

APRIL is the month of the FROG and Fanny Frog from Frog Street is one of my favorite frogs. is a great place to find froggie ideas for Pre-K, K & 1st. I will share information about Frog Street's SPLASH conference in May.

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  1. I always love fun frog songs! And the child-sized garden is great! I pinned the garden to my Gardening/Botany Unit Study board at


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