Friday, October 24, 2014

Very Busy Spiders (a la Eric Carle)

It is no secret that Kindergartners love Eric Carle! His simple stories and bright, vivid collaged illustrations are truly works of Art! 

Just in time for Halloween I had my littles make some VERY busy spiders. We began by watching the movie Eric Carle: Picture Writer. My students listened to him read "The Very Busy Spider", then watched him make a few of his collage papers.

I actually pre-made some painted papers in the interest of time, but this is definitely something you can have your students make ahead of time.

I then taught them how to make a web (white crayon on black paper). They cut the bodies (circle head and oval body) as well as the legs. We bent the legs to give the spider a 3-D look. 

I just loved how everything turned out, and the kids were thrilled with their Halloween/Not Halloween artwork! 

I have lots more Eric Carle projects which are forthcoming, so you may want to hop over to my classroom blog to check them out!

Joanna Davis is a National Board Certified Art Teacher from Venice, Florida. She writes for her classroom blog "We Heart Art", has a son in Kindergarten who is her main source of inspiration, and hates spiders.

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