Sunday, July 6, 2014

FREE CCSS I Can Statement Cards!

Hi! I am Carolyn Kisloski from Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together.  This month I have some freebies that I hope you can use in your classroom!

Last April, I had the honor of meeting Dr. Jean.  Our Family Reading Partnership had a Book Fest, and Dr. Jean was our fabulous guest of honor.

(I felt like the little girl in the orange and white striped dress. )
What a perfect weekend.  She did a staff development afternoon for our Pre-K and K teachers.  A small group of us went out for a wonderful dinner, and then she put on an amazing concert for the children  at the Book Fest.  
After she left, we talked about creating something together to help teachers with the Common Core requirements. Many districts now require teachers to display a CCSS goal at each center.  We decided to make some simple  "I Can" cards for teachers to  use in the classroom.  We translated each goal into "child friendly" language.   They are FREE here at my TPT store.

You can copy the center cards (2 cards per page) on card stock, and cut them in half.  Hole punch at the top, and secure each strand with a book ring.  Flip through the book, and display the goal you are working on at the learning center.  You can also put magnets on the back to display the cards if that works better for you.  Feel free to adapt these cards so they work best for you and your students. 
Here are some ways that I used a few of the cards.

I put magnets on back of the Speaking and Listening cards, and put them up on my easel for rug time, because that is the time I focus on many of these standards. 

Dr. Jean made FREE center ideas to go with each standard!  She has over 80 activities to go with the Reading Standards posted so far! OVER 80!  You can set up these centers, put out your "I Can" cards, and be good to go!

You can find them HERE at her website. They are amazing!  She has Reading Literature, Information, and Foundations this month. She is going to include Writing and Math in August, so you will be all set for the year.  I just spent an hour at her blog, amazed by all of the great ideas she has.

I just finished updating my  4 different Kindergarten Common Core Math Prezis to go along with the CCSS. The Prezis are Counting and Cardinality and Base Ten, Measurement and Data, Operations and Algebraic Thinking,  and Geometry.  I searched for the best online learning games, videos, anchor charts  and resources to go with each of the 22 math standards. These Prezis have been so useful for me both for teaching a concept and for reviewing. I use them for whole group lessons and brain breaks, as well as for small group RTI. I organized them by standard, so that I can have the standard up on the Smartboard that we are working on, and use those activities throughout the day. That way, we can play a math game if we have a few minutes before lunch or recess, or on the rug as a whole group lesson. I use them for center time- and during free choice time.

The bundle of Prezis is on sale at my TPT store this week.  I was looking forward to updating them, and feel so good to be able to check that off my list!

Finally, we  start of the year with this "I can" poster, to sort of get used to the idea of "I can" statements.
I hope YOU CAN use some of these ideas to make your life in the classroom a little easier!

Thank you for stopping by. I'd love you to visit me at my blog Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together and follow me on Facebook!   Have a wonderful day!


  1. This is wonderful. Carolyn! This is a wonderful way for students to see the many many things they can do successfully!
    Whimsy Workshop Teaching

    1. Thank you so much, Susanna! I hope people can use them! :)


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