Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Movement Activity: I AM THANKFUL FOR . . .

Thanksgiving is almost here!

The essence of Thanksgiving is that it is a time to reflect on those things in our lives for which we are thankful.  This is my favorite holiday of the year, because it is centered on family.  We celebrate by preparing and eating a lovely meal, and we enjoy the long weekend with family and friends. 

Here is a short and simple movement activity for children that gives them the opportunity to reflect on and dance about one or more specific reasons that they are grateful.

Thanksgiving Movement Activity:  


Here are two children's songs that capture the spirit of the holiday and that are fun accompaniments for this, and I use them both in the activity:

1.  Thanksgiving Day, by Tom Chapin, (from the album Mother Earth, Gadfly Records, 2001)

2.  Thanksgiving Song, by The Uncle Brothers (Danny Quinn and Tommy Gardner from the album Mooseltoe, Blackwater, 2007)

3.  One other upbeat selection (optional) 

Or, you can use any music that children like for dancing, if you do not have Thanksgiving-themed music.

You will also need:

Markers or crayons

I like to start this activity with the children gathered in a circle.  We each take a turn to say how we celebrate Thanksgiving, and what we like about the holiday.

Then, I pass out the paper, one per child.  I ask each of them to draw a picture about one thing for which they are especially thankful.  While they are working, I play the Tom Chapin song in the background.  

Then I ask them to put their papers aside and spread throughout the room (If you have a small space, they can each start in a home spot and dance around that spot).  I then play The Uncle Brothers song and ask them to dance about their drawings.

They may want to continue dancing, about other aspects of the holiday, or about more things for which they are thankful.  Play the Uncle Brothers song again, or something else upbeat and fun.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! 
And keep on dancin',


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