Sunday, November 10, 2013

printed turtles!

There is no doubt in my house that we are turtle-obsessed. MAJORLY. So, in honor of my turtle-loving 5 year old's fifth birthday, I bring you this fun, adorable sea turtle printing project!

Start out with some fun painted paper. I gave him a big brush and white, green, yellow, and turquoise paint to make a nice oceanic background!

Let the background dry. Then, use a cross-section of a pool noodle for stamping the turtle bodies!

Fun Fun Fun!!!

Next, use a plastic spoon to dip and print the head, front flippers, and feet. You could also use a paintbrush to do this, but I wanted to keep it in the printing theme!

So much fun!

Last, we used q-tips dipped in brown and white paint to make the eyes and spots on the shell, respectively. He went a little crazy with the white paint, but I think they look like bubbles in the water! 

Happy Birthday to my big boy...Kindergarten is right around the corner, I can't believe it!

Joanna Davis-Lanum is a National Board Certified Art Teacher from Venice, Florida. To say her kids are obsessed with turtles is a major understatement. For more fun, colorful lessons, head on over to her blog We Heart Art for some inspiration!

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