Sunday, August 19, 2012

Painted Paper Suns

School is right around the corner, and I hope everyone has a sunny start to the school year. 
We created paper suns inspired by the clay suns found in Mexico.

These fun, painted paper projects were created by primary grade students.
 First, students used painted paper and traced a circle. After the circle was cut out, facial details were added using various painted paper scraps.

Next came the oil pastels. They were used to add delicate details around facial features. 
Lastly, students added the sun rays, which were strips of painted paper and glued to the 
edge of the face.

Just an all around happy project!

Materials:  Construction paper: various colors
                  painted paper
                  glue, oil pastels

Laura is an elementary art teacher and the author of the blog Painted Paper. She has presented her thematic units nationally at the National Art Education Association and Ohio Art Education Association Conferences. You can follow her updates on fun and creative projects for kids here.


  1. That's beautiful, Laura! I always love seeing your awesome art projects! I pinned your post to my Kids' Art Projects Board at

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