Saturday, August 11, 2012

NUMBER 12 meets NUMBER 11

NUMBER 12 meets NUMBER 11
While in Houston, Texas presenting a Keynote, jam time and some workshops for FROG STREET (  I had a big surprise.  This beautiful young lady came running up to me and said, “ I am number 12 and you are number 11.”  DAH!,  I did not get it until she said “ I am Crystal Radke and I write for Pre-K and K Sharing and I post on the 12th of the month and you post on the 11th of the month.”  “Oh, yes!” I replied.  DAH.........then I realized how close we were connected.
We shared a BIG HUG and then had a great visit.  This picture was taken for us to share with all who visit this great blog.  You never know who you will meet or where you will meet them.

In my opinion, FROG STREET has the BEST conference in this entire country.  Teachers come from many states and countries to celebrate young children.  This year was Fanny Frogs 20th birthday and it was a huge celebration with events in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, TX.  Next summer a Masquerade celebration will take place in Dallas in the month of July.  Make plans to attend and find out how wonderful you can feel about yourself and your Early Childhood Profession.

Maria Solis, of Houston, TX, reading a story “The Birthday Breakfast” in Spanish as I read it in English.  Maria is the Spanish mama of "Nancy the News Lady" at her school.  She can use a normal table spoon and it becomes her microphone.  She is filled with excitement and love for children.  A friend forever. The audience had hundreds of Early Childhood teachers listening and laughing and then Maria and I led the group in an outrageous song filled with actions called "CHILDREN FUN!"  The conference hosts thousands of teachers from all corners of the USA, Canada and Mexico.  The Pre-K curriculum was written and directed by Dr. Pam Schiller.  She gathered educators, musicians, storytellers, and experts from many areas to contribute. 

Teachers come dressed to win prizes.  Hundreds of dollars are given for the school of the year, costume at the conference, someone who traveled the farthest and then lots and lots of door prizes – this year it was an extravaganza of birthday gifts given out by Fanny Frog to celebrate her 20th.

STEPHEN FITE, a great MC and musical entertainer,  is one of Fanny’s best friends.  He kept things moving and connected at all three events.

Teachers are enjoying a night of dinner and dancing with Stephen Fite leading the way.  Teachers just gotta have FUN!  I believe that if teachers are having fun the children will have fun and learn, learn, learn!
                                                               TONY CHESTNUT

DON MONOPOLI, the Learning Station, leads teachers in his famous TONY CHESTNUT song.  Don is an extraordinary musician enjoying a night of music and a teacher audience ready to just have FUN!


Ron Chase, owner of Frog Street, along with Sharon, Amy and Bill spearhead the world of education and invite everyone to come on down to Dallas in 2013.  Thanks folks for the best conferences I have ever attended.
Keep  yourself energized as the new school  year begins and remember
Mary Jo Huff


  1. What a GREAT story! I live in the Houston area, too, and would have LOVED to have seen that moment. And Tony Chestnut is one of my FAVES!!! Thanks for sharing this; it has put me in the BEST mood.

    The Corner On Character

  2. What a great experience ... and how awesome that you and Crystal were able to meet! Isn't it funny what a truly small world it is?! Deb @

  3. Pinned! Such fun and good information!


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