Thursday, July 12, 2012

Introducing Science

As a child, I never liked science. I always found it incredibly boring. I don't remember being taught to make observations or to explore my surroundings...I'm sure I was, but found it boring.  As an adult, I had an amazing science teacher in college that totally changed my point of view. I found myself loving everything to do with science. Imagine if that love had been fostered as a five year old! I really enjoy teaching science and hope my love for it is contagious and my students will reap the benefits of my passion. 

So, how do you introduce science? I cover my back counter with all kinds of science stuff for the kids to explore as soon as school starts. It looks like this. I will have planting flower stuff, bugs, dinosaurs, magnets, ocean animals, an anatomy apron, magnifying glasses, and other lots of other stuff.

I start by reading, What Is Science? It is a wonderful book that is totally worth buying. If you had the ELA Journeys adoption, you should have gotten the big book. Anywho, we read this book and discussed everything about science.

When we are done, I give each student a 1/4 sheet of white copy paper and they go back to their seats to draw “what is science” to them. They did a great job! We had volcanoes, stars, wind, a “crazy tornado”, butterflies, well you get my drift. I think our Interactive Writing chart turned out great. We put this in our Science center on the wall to reference all year. They love looking at their own work! J

Here is a closer view. Isn’t it cute?
We use Interactive Writing throughout the year in Science.   I love that they learn the "big picture" immediately and then we spend each week narrowing down our learning, exploring, and observing all things science. Come by my blog for more science learning examples including science journals. 

I hope you are enjoying your summer! 


  1. What a great idea!! Definitely pinning this!

    Heather (

  2. I had a similar experience with never liking science until I had an awesome science teacher in college! I love your interactive writing project ... such a great way to reinforce an interest in science! I pinned your post to my Kids' Science Activities Pinterest Board at


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