Monday, July 2, 2012

The Incredible Value of Interaction

By Deborah McNelis, owner Brain Insights

The importance of play and discovery is well understood by those following this blog. Due to your awareness of the tremendous benefits experiential learning provides, it is great fun to share this great poem with you.

This wonderful poem was sent to me by Hillary at Toys Naturally. She was inspired and wrote it in response to the article I posted on iPadding for toddlers and a few other recent posts on the topic of screen time for young children.

Her poem is one that is a pleasure share often to communicate the importance and incredible value of interaction with people and real objects vs screen time. Hope you enjoy the insights Hillary shares!

I read a tweet and saw a blog
Young minds, affected, in a fog
Television, switched on all day
Destroying childhood, killing play

Photo of Baby brain influenced by TV

I felt virtuous - only half an hour
My wee one was a protected flower? 
I thought some more and then said why?                    
No TV a few days c’mon-let’s try

Photo of The brain benefits from reading together

Next day we did not switch it on
Instead played blocks and had some fun
Out came play dough and some books
Lots of cuddles and a few funny looks

Photo of Positive parent child interaction

Out came the tea set and a teddy bear
Bottomless pretend tea and cookies to share
On goes music and we go grooving
Wow yes it’s true our brains, improving


Photo of Valuable parent Child Interaction during everyday life activities

That half an hour, we have it back     
To play, to share, to have a yack.
As I chop and cook a dinner for 3
My wee one plays and enlightens me.

Photo of Mom and Daughter enjoying fun interaction together

The Brain Development Series was developed with this scene in mind. Each packet is filled with ways to easily provide this opportunity for every child and family! 

The toys provided by Toys Naturally are beautiful. You can visit the site here to order wonderful products for the young growing brains in your life!

Hope You Are Having a WONDERFUL and FUN FILLED Summer!!


  1. I LOVE the poem! What a great way to emphasize the importance of hands-on activities and real-time interaction! I pinned your post to the collaborative All Things Parenting Pinterest Board at Deb @

  2. What a lovely poem-- great reminder! Thanks for sharing.


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