Thursday, July 26, 2012

Activities for the story "Goodnight Moon"

By Laura Eldredge

A few months back, my partner Tressa and I each filmed a video series for on various preschool-related topics of their choosing.  I'd like to share one of the videos that I did for the story "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown.


"Goodnight Moon" is a very popular children's story and a great bedtime story. It takes a child through saying goodnight to all the things that are in the room.

One activity to go along with this story is to create a Goodnight Moon collage. Have children start with the moon use a yellow construction paper moon, or one out of foam, or felt. Using glue or a glue stick, they can glue the moon right onto the center of a piece of black construction paper.

Discuss some things that children might do before bedtime, as part of their bedtime routine. Have children draw or cut out pictures of these activities from a magazine or clipart (ie. brush their teeth, read a goodnight story, get a stuffed animal, etc.).

Then they can glue those things all around their moon. And it's a nice way for them to even remember some of the different steps and things that they do before they go to bed. You can add some shiny stars around the moon to complete the collage.

View the video clip to see this idea and another activity:

Laura Eldredge is a teacher and curriculum coordinator at a NAEYC accredited early childhood program in Connecticut. She also co-founded the website The SEEDS Network, as a way to provide early childhood professionals with ideas and resources that support them in their quest to provide quality care and education to our youngest learners. She blogs at


  1. Great activity ideas, Laura!! Goodnight Moon was one of my daughter's favorites ~ we read it almost every night for a couple of years!

  2. Goodnight Moon was always one of my favorite children's books ... and I love the idea of having activities to go with the book! I pinned your post to my Literature-Based Activities Board at


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