Sunday, November 20, 2011

Greg Harvey - Who is This Bloke?

G’day everyone! For those who don't know me let me share a bit about myself. My name is Greg & I am from the Hunter Valley near Newcastle, NSW, Australia. I am truly honoured & humbled to be a part of this collective blog amongst such highly distinguished & renowned professionals. Now onto the actual post.

I realise I am an anomaly being a man working in a very female-dominated industry, yet I believe that also gives me opportunities that may not present themselves to my female colleagues. I am often approached by parents & fellow professionals & told that they are pleased to see a guy working in childcare. Along with this recognition come some expectations; some realistic while others are less so.

Some of the more unrealistic expectations or generalisations are the following: I am the go to guy for any hard to handle child – “If you don’t start listening I’m going to send you to Greg;” I’m the solution to all boys as I can relate to them better so they’ll listen to me; You’re a man so you can do the heavy lifting.

By being a male early childhood professional I am already regarded by many as an oddity. This is closer to the truth than some may first realise. I am an unusual individual with a warped sense of humour & break gender stereotypes in many ways including preferring shopping to manual labour, chatting you ear off & remembering significant dates such as birthdays & anniversaries.

I feel I am a positive influence in children’s lives because of whom I am as a professional regardless of my gender & that anyone can impact young children’s lives in a similar fashion. I relish the one on one time nappy (diaper) change time provides, enabling strong relationships to be formed between myself & the children. I’m also humbled by the many positive words of encouragement & support I regularly receive from families  & colleagues.

Finally, if you would like to check out my Males in early Childhood blog then click here. The site was originally set up for a local Males in EC support group, but as everyone sort of went their separate ways I took it upon myself to use the blog for two purposes. To share my own experiences & hence I hope to provide positive examples of a guy working with young children. Also to highlight various issues concerning men in early childhood & the profession in general.
Hope to see you there. :)


  1. Great intro Greg! I'm glad there are blokes like you in early childhood classrooms.

  2. Greg!!! I'm so grateful for your willingness to join our collaboration. With your posts we can claim to have an international view. Thank heavens you jumped on board!

    I'm so appreciative of perspective from around-the-world. Today is HURRAY for Greg DAY!!!!

  3. Hello Greg it's so nice to read your post here ... Like Scott, I'm glad we have blokes like you in early childhood too. I'm especially pleased you're in Australian early Childhood!
    Donna :) :)

  4. Thanks guys. I might huff & puff alot, but I wouldn't be half the professional I am without inspiration from the likes of you Donna & Scott.

    I'll do my best to hold up the rest of the globe Debbie.

  5. It's awesome to have your input at PreK + K Sharing, Greg! I can see how you would get stuck with some unfair stereotypes. Glad to see you're here breaking those stereotypes! Deb @

  6. I've just found this blog! Great idea!

    Greg - I have some odd assumptions made about me too, which usually need quashing:
    - That I've no fear and health and safety is not an issue for me
    - That I must be physically fit and want to be outdoors all the time
    - That I must have a beard somewhere...!
    - That I am the Outdoor Police. I will put you under arrest if I arrive at your classroom and children are not outside.


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