Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bill Corbett: The Dr. Phil of Parenting

Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers, I’m so glad to be here and to learn from, and to share with, all of you.  I am first and foremost a loving husband, a father of 3 grown children, a grandfather to a 10 year old girl and a 12 year old boy, and step dad to two grown boys and a 13 year old girl.  I love what I do and love to have fun doing it.  I am also the author of the award winning parenting book series, “Love, Limits, & Lessons: A Parent’s Guideto Raising Cooperative Kids” in English and in Spanish.  I love babies (the fuzzy ones too - see photo), children, tweens, and even teens.  But most important, as a behavior specialist, my passion lies with helping caregivers better understand why their children behave the way they do.  Once I am able to develop this understanding, parents, grandparents, step parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, teachers, and anyone else who helps to raise and care for children, are more likely to be successful in raising happy, confident, and cooperative children.

Teaching a Parenting Class

As a parenting instructor and coach for nearly 20 years, I developed the LOVE, LIMITS, & LESSONS® parent education program and created the organization COOPERATIVE KIDS as a vehicle for bringing that program to more families.  As author John W. Whitehead once said, children are the living messages that we send to a time we will not see.  So I say, why not ensure the message we are creating is one that will allow our children to reach their full potential, discover their purpose in life, and then arrive at that purpose on schedule.

Alfred Adler (1870 - 1937)
So what makes me different from all of the other parent educators out there and how does my message help create children who will more likely find their purpose in life?  That difference is that I’m called an Adlerian… someone who is inspired by the teachings of the amazing “Father of Individual Psychology” himself, Alfred Adler.  An Adlerian believes that inside of every child is a social and emotional spirit that has so much to express, and that all behavior (both positive and challenging) is simply a demonstration of that expression of a need (or in some cases, an unmet need).  Once the adult is able to interpret that expression and provide appropriate opportunities to satisfy what the child is seeking, there is little or no need for that child to act out in challenging ways.  What I do is teach adults how to interpret what they see in a child’s behavior and then know what to do about it.

Today, I produce and host a parenting television show that brings my unique methodology to more families everywhere.  They call me the “Dr. Phil of Parenting” and the show is called CREATING COOPERATIVE KIDS.  It is currently airing on the public access channel in nearly 100 communities from Boston to Pittsburgh and we’re adding new stations all the time.  Because the show can be seen online, my audience is expanding daily.

I look forward to contributing to this great blog each month and meeting so many great bloggers and readers alike.  You can learn more about me and read my own blog at http://www.cooperativekids.com/.  You’ll also find me on Twitter at billcorbett99, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cooperativekids, and you can download my podcasts for free on iTunes.  I hope you’ll let me know how I can help you on your parenting journey.


  1. It is so great to have Bill contribute to this wonderful and collaborative blog. I had the pleasure of reviewing Bill's book when it first came out. I am certain all of you who care about children will gain valuable ideas from the information Bill shares!

  2. So glad that you're here too Deborah, as I have learned so much from your work around understanding the development of the child's brain. I look forward to reading your posts in addition to your regular blog that I subscribed to.

  3. Cooperative Children - I LOVE the sound of that! Welcome, Bill; I look forward to learning from you and collaborating with you!


  4. It's wonderful that you're a part of PreK + K Sharing, Bill! Your parenting advice is great - and I love your emphasis on gratitude (one of my soapbox topics). I'll look forward to reading your posts each month! :) Deb @ LivingMontessoriNow.com


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