Wednesday, November 16, 2016

JUMP JIM JOE - a perfect partner dance!

...and tap your toe!
Now that cooler/wetter weather is moving in to stay, it’s a good time to get movement and dance options going to keep those little brains and bodies tuned up and ready to learn!  Miss Carole of Macaroni Soup here, and I’m sharing a terrific partner dance that my older 3’s through 7’s love: “Jump Jim Joe!”  This dance is very popular at my Family Concerts, as it’s fun for ALL ages!

Usually I introduce dancing in this order:

1. Dancing as an individual in a group
2. Dancing in a circle
3. Partner dancing
4. Dancing with props/manipulatives

Hopefully you’ve done some dancing that is in the first two styles** so that your students have a sense of group dynamic, cooperation and personal space.  Now let’s up the ante on cooperation – to do a partner dance you must work together with another person, touch them appropriately and stay in time with the music.  It also means that the teacher must learn the dance so that he/she can teach and demonstrate it to the students effectively.

listen, echo!
Jump, jump, jump Jim Joe
Nod your head and shake your head
And tap your toe!
‘Round and ‘round and ‘round you’ll go
Then you find another partner
And you jump Jim Joe!

I use the echo technique to teach the song – I sing a line, students sing it back to me.  Then I demonstrate with a student as my partner what the song looks like.  Hear a clip HERE!

I picked a great volunteer - he could JUMP!

Line 1: Face your partner and hold hands. Jump 5 times (on the beat).
Line 2: Partners nod, then shake their heads
Line 3: Tap toe to the side.
Line 4: 2-hand circle around
Line 5: Leave your partner and go find a new partner!
Line 6: Hold hands with your new partner.

Once you have demonstrated the dance, invite your students to stand and pick a partner.  Some classes struggle to pick partners quickly – help them out.  I explain that “you’re not going to keep that partner, so don’t worry about who you start with – you’ll be moving on quickly!  Walk through the dance slowly, singing enthusiastically and clearly.

When your students understand the pattern of the dance, and that the pattern just keeps repeating to make a sequence, you can pick up the tempo a smidgen.  When they’re really secure, maybe add the recording – but it’s lively, so don’t rush into it!  It’s on my “Dancing Feet!” cd – check it out HERE!

Here’s a video at a library show in Colorado – kids of all ages and adults really enjoying themselves!  You can do it, too!  Let me know how it goes!  And remember – this one’s great outdoors, too!

** If you haven't done dancing in the first two styles, check out my blog from MARCH 2016 for "Singing in the Rain" (Style #1) and FEBRUARY 2016 for "Looby Loo" (style #2)

BIG NEWS!  My new recording, “WELCOME!” will be released shortly!  There are 29 songs, dances, poems and fingerplays to engage and invite your children to sing and move!  It will be available for purchase soon at  Keep checking back – definitely by December 1!

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Yours for a Partner Dance!
“Miss Carole” Stephens

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