Friday, November 25, 2016

hOppy Holidaze! Some Songs with a Modern Twist

Thanksgiving was just 24 hours ago and already the Christmas songs are playing.  (Some began playing before Thanksgiving!)

Passing along traditions and creating new ones is an important part of the holiday season. As an elementary classroom music teacher, my students always loved the "12 Days of Christmas".  It is a great song to teach memory, recall and sequencing.  
However, many of the gifts held no connection for the children.
For a historical lesson, one could get into that with the older children.  For the younger ones, I've composed a version that I believe connects better with the children of today.  Here is a link to the song :
                               Twelve Days of Christmas (Modernized)
On the first day of Christmas my family decorated our Christmas Tree.
On the Second day of Chritmas my family sent 2 dozen cards
3rd Day - Said three "Ho Ho Hos"
4th Day - Hung 4 stockings
5th Day - Shopped at 5 different Malls!
6th Day - Watched 6 Christmas Movies
7th Day - Hung 7 strings of lights
8th Day - Celebrated the 8th Day of Hanukkah
9th Day - Baked 9 batches of cookies
10th Day - Wrapped 10 presents
11th Day - Saw 11 decorated houses
12th Day - Sang 12 Christmas Carols

Make cards for each of the 12 days; or, you can download them for free at :
                Twelve Days of Christmas (Modernized)  Cards

1. Have the children hold the cards and talk about what they see.  This will lead into lively discussion;
2. Ask children what number they are from 1 to 12.
3. Put the song on and instruct children to hold up the card when it is their day.
4. After song, invite more discussion; and
5.  You may want to let your class make their own 12 Days of Christmas.

Keep in mind that the general focus of this song is not on the religious holiday of Christmas but instead on the secural celebration of the holiday which is almost world wide.  I've adapted a Nigerian song which celebrates that.
                      Everybody Loves Everybody Loves Christmas Time

If you'd like to purchase "MARry Christmas" it is on Sale until 12/15.  Click the link.

hOppy Holidaze to all.
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