Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

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I LOVE this time of year when I get to break open my OCTOBER BOX!  I get more excited than the children as I anticipate singing about "Dark, Dark" and the spiders that jump out of the box  ~ ~

And the "Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate"
      Yup!  This is from Pinterest.  LOVE IT!

The one everyone tells me is their favorite is ~ ~
"The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything".   With all the props and ideas, it is so much fun. Some use flannel boards; others use white boards.  I often see my song version being used and posted on YouTube and my heart fills with joy each time!  Thank you.  Please keep sharing.
Here is my activity with the corresponding reasons.
1.   One child holds the book.  (Learn to pay attention to turn pages.)
2.  Assign each child for each prop and sound.  (Listening skills; waiting turns)
     a.  Two little shoes and the child stomps them and says "Stomp.  Stomp."
     b.  A pair of doll pants and the child wiggless saying "Wiggle.  Wiggle" (high voice to
          energize the brain.)
     c.  Doll shirt and child shakes it saying "Shake. Shake."
     d.  Two cut out hands, clapped together as child says                 "Clap. Clap"
     e.  Small hat that a child nods up and down saying
          "Nod. Nod."
     f.  Teacher holds a tiny, plastic pumpkin.  I found one               where the head pops up and squeaks.  (They love it.)  And, the teacher says "Boo!"
3.  While each verse is being sung, the rest of the class taps their alternating hands on each thigh, to sound like walking.  (This helps for steady beat = reading proficiency)
Each time, the beat gets faster.
4.  At lyric prompts, children put their hand to their ear and turn their heads.
5.  Children point at group of children holding props and say "Go away!"
6.  They fold their arms and say defiantly "I'm not afraid of you today!"  They LOVE it!
7.  Children move their hands on their thighs VERY quickly - because they're running!
     They pretend to jump in bed and cover their eyes.  Then, they peek.
8.  Meanwhile, you are assembling the pieces to make the scarecrow to show at the end
     of the song.
Here's the video :   
                             The Little Old Lady You Tube - Music with Mar.

Tell me what you do!!
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Songs can be found on :           The Wide-mouthed Bullfrog
And at Songs for Teaching, CD Baby, iTunes
    And ~ ~ Spotify!

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