Monday, August 1, 2016

Back-to-School: Begin with the End in Mind Resources


August first. 

School is about to launch for many children. 
School buses will begin chugging up and down their routes.

I've fallen in LUV with Lizz the Kinder-teacher. 
We got to hug and visit yesterday in real life. 

She has set things up for my author-illustrator visits in the past. 
These memories below are from a previous visit.
Seeing her so enthusiastic for the return to her kinders, 
reminded me of these earlier photos. 

{Why, YES. I do enjoy my work! Thanks for asking.}   

By the end of the school year we return back to WI! 
I got invited BACK to attend the 'graduation' of these kinder-kiddos. 
Walking into the kinder hallway, 
there were pictures of *MOI* in the year's highlights review! 
So, yes. I took pictures of the pictures! 
Cue Barbara Streisand: "Memories." 
Took my breath away to know I rate the highlight reel!
Last month I was able to complete a TeacherTribute iMovie. 
With the help of many of my PreK+K Sharing #TeacherFriends..... 
I give you inspiration to BEGIN with the END in Mind! 


Now let's take a closer look at Lizz' Kinder graduation.
Take a look at these colorful, Kindergarten mortar boards!
Make note of the drawings on this wall. 
They are a set of 'then' and 'now' self-portraits. 
I'll give you a closer look momentarily.  

Kindergarten Graduation: Class of 2026

Everyone in Lizz's class gets a two sided, laminated diploma. The front is the official and signed memento, but even more touching is the drawing on the back, with the caption, "When I am older I will be a __________. Just you wait and see." 

"When I am older I will be a pilot. Just you wait and see." 

As if the diploma is not enough of a memento..... 
each child has a class shirt, 
complete with self-portraits of everyone in the class!
The shirts are ordered LARGER than the kiddos. 
Rumor has it that many graduating seniors still sport their kindergarten t-shirt lo, those many years later. 

I have LOTS of favorite parts of this event. 
As a former elementary art teacher, parent and now grandparent? 
My FAVE FAVE is the self-portrait drawings captured at the beginning of the year, 
and then mounted with a final portrait as the year concludes. 
Laminated together. 
Real. Live. Tangible. PROGRESS! 
Right there as a reminder!
Who remembers how far we've come? 
Who can go back that far? 
Here is the evidence.  
So it is that we: 

Look at the first day self portraits on the left. 
Compare to the end-of-year progress on the right! 

Kindergarten is the year that many children gain their bodies in self portraits. 
Many of these children have gained hands and feet. 
Most have gained clothing. 
Clothing with details! 

Incredible skills have been mastered in observation and rendering. 

Look at this Kindergarten photo booth backdrop! 

August is the perfect time to begin planning for me to come to YOUR school for an author/illustrator visit! 

For the first time in recorded history, I will be making at least two trips to CA this year. It is a HUGE honor to announce that I have been selected to present at NAEYC in November!!! I will return in February for the Southern Kindergarten Conference. 

Debbie Clement Welcome for Author-Illustrator School Visit
NOW is the time to plant the seeds to have me come to YOUR school. 
It all begins with your brainstorm. 
I have an entire slideshow of my travels -- to get your wheels turning.

YES!!! ALL of my books may be ordered from me directly
*I also have digital files of 'just' the song, in Mp3 format with pdfs of the support material at TpT. 

Begin the Year Performance Songs by Debbie Clement

If you are reading this article in 'real' time, 
you can take advantage of the BTS sale at TpT! 

ALL of my digital files are on sale! 

My newest digital file includes the Mp3 for the End-of-Year slideshow song, from the video. 

Now more than ever, we need to encourage our fellow educators. 
Would you consider sharing the video from your FB page? 
It was made with LUV. 
Many of our contributing authors here at the collaborative contributed images. 
I have outlined all of the contributors in this article at my own blog. 

A Teacher Tribute: End of Year Reflections (Begin with the End in Mind) iMovie by Debbie Clement

The response to "our" Wobble Seats has been incredible! 
Teachers that started with a couple are now back for MORE! 
It is mostly a matter of budget realities. 
Perhaps you have some 'new' dollars to spend with the 'new' year? 

When you order your wobbles at you support our extended family. 

We can accept purchase orders. 
We offer discounts for quantity orders. 
We can also give you free shipping on LARGE quantity orders. 
So get your whole team together for the best pricing. 
If you have questions, please call my husband Allen. 
He takes care of all the wobbles! 

I am so very grateful for every pin that you initiate. 
That is often how people discover me! 
Such a kindness. 
Thank you!!!

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