Monday, July 25, 2016

Music - Where? When? Why? How?

         MUSIC BELONGS IN SCHOOL.  Yada, yada, yada.

No one even pays attention anymore.  It's just a mantra.  Even many classroom teachers - with all the extras they have to get in - aren't totally behind music needing to be part of curriculum - except for it is a free period for them.  Let's take another quick look at why MUSIC BELONGS IN SCHOOL

*Music education works 3 areas of the brain at the same time ~ ~ 
                  Motor, visual and auditory cortices.  It is an exercise for the brain
 *Allows for higher memory functions
 *Helps us be comfortable with discomfort
 *All born musically – have to be to understand language

What is meant by 'musical training' and when should it start?

To be developmentally appropriate, 'formal' lessons should wait until a child is reading and until their finger muscles are large enough and strong enough.  Exposure to music (parent / child music classes  - ie Music with Mar. Classes or just singing and dancing with your child ) and having instruments around to explore is the best way to start a child's interest (LOVE) of music.

Vocal lessons should wait until a child's vocal cords are mature enough - usually around 11 or 12.  Starting too early can be compared to letting a child play sports but not bringing them to the gym to work out.  Enjoy the game and let the muscles mature. Until then, sing in choir or chorus.  Sing along to your favorite songs.  Encourage your child's talent and give them opportunities to use it.

Some things to consider:

Classroom teachers should be one of the biggest advocates for music being part of curriculum because music helps children learn better and more easily, which makes your job easier.  Support music in your schools.  Besides the cognitive benefits, it adds pleasure to the day.  That, in itself, is valuable.

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