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Remember the Barney song?  I do.... noooooooooooo!

It's great to be back!  I've been busy creating lots of magic for the early childhood world with some friends of mine.  One of those friends asked me if I would produce her first CD and I'd like to introduce you to this friend and colleague... Alice Pringle!  Together with a big team of artists we created magic.... real music.... that you have to move to when you hear it!

After 40 years of writing music for children, singing and dancing with children and spending a lot of times in classrooms leading musical experiences, she has done it!  Her album Kaleidoscope just released on May 7 and the response has been enormous.  

Check out what 2-time Grammy Winner 
Bill Harley had to say.

“The song BaDoo from Kaleidoscope has all the elements of a great kids song - strong rhyme, rhythm, repetition - with an ear worm of a hook that will stay with you.  Not to mention its humor! These folks know what they’re doing!”
Bill Harley, 2-Time GRAMMY WINNER, Children’s Category

There are a lot of things to love about Alice's album... 
Let me count the ways!

1. It Grooves!  Adults love it just as much as children do.  Check out a short clip of the hit song BaDoo!  A big thank you to my friend and colleague John Forbes from Make A Hand for his support of Alice's album.

Doug Davis Jammin on Drums bringing the Groove Alive!
"I absolutely love the song BaDoo. It was recorded and produced with impeccable quality. My 5 year old danced around and sang with it almost immediately. This is the kind of musical content that parents look for. Safe and enriching for all children.”
John Forbes, Composer and Producer, Nashville/Atlanta
CBS, “The Good Wife”, “This Cup”, FIFA World Cup 2014, Arranger and Keyboard for Rick James “Urban Rhapsody”, Solo keyboardist for Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston

I want to thank Alice for inviting me into her journey... I especially loved getting to Scat! Check out this brief clip from the song BONES!

Matt Mitchell on Guitar for Bones!

Nick Coventry on Violin... sublime

2. It BUILDS LANGUAGE with young children and Alice has even included some freebie educational resource ideas that rock and she'll be adding more in the coming months!

Another thank you to one of the champions of children out in North Carolina, Diane Umstead, who has leant her support for this music.

“From the start, I was intrigued by the steady beat through all of the sounds and alliterations. Talk about building vocabulary and promoting physical movement for children! It’s upbeat and it truly brings the best of science and art to a 
young listeners ears.”
Diane Umstead, Smart Start, North Carolina 

3. It's written from the HEART... Authenticity is so needed in today's world.  Learn a bit more about Alice right here.  Another big part of this project was recording engineer OSCAR FUENTES.... he has such a beautiful studio and he's in it for all the right reasons... thanks Oscar!

Recording Engineer Oscar Fuentes at the helm!
Enjoy this lullaby for Food, Peace and Happiness which was a blessing Alice would use often in her life. Enjoy a clip from  A ROUND FOR PEACE. (Enjoy the scrolling songs.... it's the third one over).

Christine Vivona on Harp...angelic...
Alice is an amazingly gentle and giving human being and she thanks her mom, who passed away before we recorded, for making this album possible.  This sense of giving permeates the entire album, as depicted so beautifully in this quote from artist Dr. Marcela Molina.

"The whole album has so much substance not only in the music making and its elements, but in its message!. It is a creative and vibrant project that 
engages your ears and soul. “
Dr. Marcela Molina, Director
Tucson Girls Chorus

Marcela directs this amazing girls chorus which my daughter was a part of since the age of 5.  Today, Sam is 21, and guess what, she's the associate producer on the album.  She acted as voice coach, solo vocalist, arranger, among other things.  It has been a special time for me and my incredible daughter...way to go Sam!

4. There is this song about a Rappin Rabbit!  How many albums have that?!  We don't know.... but everyone loves this Rap!  We were fortunate to have a lot of talented kids on this album... on the call and response on the Rap, the kazoo band - that's right, a kazoo band.... a very tasteful one at that!

Alice jammin with the kids!

Kids Rappin in a session!

5. 12 MUSICAL GENRE'S on one album... music for the children and families of the world!

 "Kaleidoscope" is the perfect name for Alice Pringle's new children's CD!  Its vibrant, rhythmic patterns create rich musical textures sure to mesmerize 
and delight.  Each song's unique characteristics shine 
brightly, with track after track reflecting layers of loveliness and joy.”
Lorie BarnesExecutive Director, NCAEYC 
(North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children)

With 19 songs, I could go on for a long time... instead I'm going to wrap it up with one more song clip and another reason to love this music by Alice Pringle.... KINDNESS.... the song Kindness started out as a poem and turned in an anthem for Kindness.  
Anton on Kindness
The love of my life, Marie adding her voice.

Ambi, a dear friend of Sam's, on vocals for Kindness

It has an amazing number of tracks on it because we brought in many people who speak different languages and you, as the listener get to walk through and sense...


Alice, Sam, Oscar and myself want to thank Debbie for having created this incredible vehicle for sharing of all things beautiful and healthy for children!  One of our favorite comments, made my many, was "I have an idea!
Ahaaaa.... I have an idea!
As one final thank you, here are some visual thank you's to three more individuals who added their voice to the song Kindness...ahhhh... feel the love! 
The Sierra Family, with my father-in-law Al Sierra on vocals!

My dear friend and colleague Rick Wamer added his voice...thx!
My mentor and friend, Dr. Carroll Rinehart, had the last word on Kindness... "Peace."

One last behind the scenes of the making of the album!

Founder, Global Learning Foundation
Performing Artist and Composer

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