Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kitchen Utensils and Paint Do Mix

It's Scott from Brick by Brick. I love to repurpose materials—use materials in ways different from their intended purpose.

I use all kinds of materials for purposes other than the intended ones. This happens frequently at my art table, especially when we're painting. I always say that you can paint with just about anything.

Recently we used kitchen items to paint and explore our creativity.

First we used a salad spinner to paint.

Salad Spinner Painting (Brick by Brick)

We cut paper to fit on our salad spinners. (We cut hearts this time but circles or other shapes would work, too.) We dropped paint on the paper, put the lid on our spinner, and then spun the paper to make cool designs.

Salad Spinner Painting (Brick by Brick)

We had another fun art exploration with paint and forks. Yes, ordinary plastic forks. 

Fork Painting (Brick by Brick)

We learned that you can use forks to make designs in all kinds of ways. You can swipe the fork, press the fork to make prints, drag the fork to make lines, or do all of these to create cool shapes. We even learned that placing different colors of paint on top of one another creates new colors!

Fork Painting (Brick by Brick)

You could use other kitchen items to paint.
  • Use rolling pins to create wide designs. Or drop paint on paper, fold it, and then roll over it with the rolling pin.
  • Make prints with potato mashers, whisks, or cookie cutters.
  • Paint the bottom of muffin pans and create dot or circle designs.
  • Lay out many different kitchen items and paint. Let the kids experiment and explore.
What things from the kitchen have you used to paint? Experiment today!

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