Sunday, August 23, 2015

Homemade Board Game

It's Scott from Brick by Brick. I love to repurpose materials—use materials in ways different from their intended purpose.

homemade DIY trail game (Brick by Brick)

In last month's post, I mentioned that I loved to find teaching items at the office supply store. I made a game for my kids to use -- and all the items are from the office supply store (or the office section of a discount store).


homemade board game (Brick by Brick)

  • File folder
  • Color Coding Labels (colored circle stickers)
  • File folder labels (white rectangle stickers)
  • Index cards
  • Small binder clips
  • Envelope
You'll also need a black marker and a pair of scissors.

Making the Game

Open the folder. Place a white rectangle label on one side of the folder; print Start on the label. Place another white rectangle label on the other side of the folder; print Finish on this label.

Use the colored circles to make a trail from the Start label to the Finish label. Make a straighter trail for a shorter game (for younger kids). Or make a winding trail for a longer game. Alternate the colors as you choose.

homemade board game cards (Brick by Brick)

For the game cards, cut index cards in half. Place a colored circle sticker on each card half. 

Playing the Game

Stack the cards, face down, on or near the board. Guide kids to choose binder clips for game pieces. I bought colored binder clips to use. If you buy black binder clips, attach a colored sticker to each one to make game pieces. Or clip a card with colored sticker in the binder clip.

homemade board game (Brick by Brick)

Kids take turns choose a card and moving the game piece to a matching colored space. Play until all kids' game pieces reach the finish space.

Alternate Ideas

homemade board game word cards (Brick by Brick)

  • Make cards with color words. (You can add colored stickers or not.) Kids should read the words to move to the appropriate colored space.
  • Make cards with sight words. Add a color sticker to each card. Kids read the sight word before moving to the colored space.
  • Make cards with letters and color stickers. Kids can say the letter (and make the sound).
  • Make cards with numbers and color stickers. Kids can say the number or count to the number.
  • Make cards with quantities of dots and color stickers. Kids can name the quantity or count the dots.
  • Make cards with questions to recall a story or other information. Kids can answer questions or talk about the information before moving to the colored space.
  • Use a cube instead of cards. Place a colored sticker on each side of the cube. Kids roll the cube and move along the trail.
  • Use a numbered cube. Kids roll the cube and count along the trail instead of using colors to move.
homemade board game (Brick by Brick)

Store the cards (and game pieces if you choose) in an envelope. Place the envelope inside the folder and file the game. Or tape the envelope on the back of the folder for storage. Tape along the two sides and the bottom, leaving the flap open so cards can be inserted and removed.

This game board can be used in lots of different ways. It is adaptable to different age groups or different areas. It can be easily stored.

homemade board game (Brick by Brick)

And it's all made from the office supply store. 

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  1. Love this, Scott! I see so many possibilities to have kids "decorate" their own game boards - I'd make a Bear Hunt Game - with the different things they have to go through to go with the song! Or a Groundhog Jive Game - to go with my song - with a tree to climb, a door to shut, etc! I'm gonna make that one myself! Whoo hoo - a GREAT IDEA!


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