Saturday, July 25, 2015

Can Music Get Children to Eat Well?

     Maybe you started reading this because that title is a little abby-normal.  It is; and, if it got your attention, Yay!  Can music get Children to eat well?  Yes, in a couple of ways.  Let's explore....
Although this is about being positive to keep your immune system strong, it also states that we DO react to lyrics.   When we sing about eating good food, children process that and remember it.  They go home and talk about.  It becomes part of their value system.   And we have to do it more than once.   It takes 1200 times of hearing or doing something for a child to completely learn a concept.

     We need a lot of good songs about food!  Try Peter Alsop's song "Apple Juice".
Songs for Teaching has a whole page for food songs!

     I think I've made the point.  Now, I'd like to introduce you to "The Smart Woman"
She is smart because she eats from all her food groups!

Here is what I do.  We talk about all the foods she could eat.  Each child gets a food they can feed to her.  We sing the song and the child puts the food in her mouth when that food is sung about.  They love feeding her.  (OK.  I will admit this to you.  Occassionally, I've been known to have her burp.  It does make them giggle!  And, I do say "Excuse me".)

Here is a picture of me using the doll with a class of 2 yr olds.  I start young.  (1200 times etc etc)  By the time they are four, they should have this!

You can purchase the doll.  OR ~ ~ you can make your own!
I saw someone use a clear plastic bag so the children can see what is going into the stomach.  Then, she pointed to each food when the song recapped.

Here are the lyrics.
It is sung to the tune of "I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
I know a smart woman, when her day began
She ate cereal that had some bran. 
She’s a healthy woman
I know a smart woman, who ate some fruit
Like peaches, bananas & berries (they’re cute)
She ate the fruit to go with the bran,
That she ate when her day began.
She’s a healthy woman.
I know a smart woman who ate some cheese
Oh jeez!  She ate some cheese. She ate some cheese... (repeat all)
I know a smart woman who drank some milk
Or soy silk, but she drank milk. She drank some milk to go with the cheese.. (repeat all)
I know a smart woman and veggies she ate
The more on her plate,
The more veggies she ate.  She ate the veggies to... (repeat all)
I know a smart woman
Who ate meat that was lean
And fish, chicken or tofu for good protein.  She ate protein to... (repeat all)
I know a smart woman who ate what was good

From each food group as she should….(repeat all)

On my newest CD - "Mr. Froggy's Fitness Fun" - I have a new version of this - Are you ready?  "The Smart Woman Merengue".  Yup.  It can be even more fun by adding a movement to each food group.  Que bueno!

If you'd like signs for each food group, click on Food Signs and download them for FREE from my website.  I use these for "Dance for the Food Groups".  which you can have FREE through the weekend.  Download now.  The deal goes away on Monday.

Buon appetito!  ¡buen provecho! Lekker eet!  Afiyet olsun!


  1. This will be a lot of fun to do with my preschoolers. Thank you!

  2. I'm glad you like it. The children do, too!

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