Thursday, May 7, 2015

Quick and Easy Keepsake Gifts Kids Can Make For Mother's Day!

Hello again, it's Ayn from little illuminations! Mother's Day is this weekend (it crept up on me from out of nowhere!) and I thought I would share what some of our classrooms have planned for Mother's Day gifts this year. I am always inspired when I walk down the hall and see what is going on in other classrooms!

This sweet Mother's Day card is sweet and simple--just a painted handprint and a cutout heart with the message: "I   Mommy!". This will be laminated so the keepsake will last a lifetime!

This sweet craft foam plant pot with arm as a stem and foam flower embellishments was made from a store-bought kit but could easily be made with craft foam. The children dictated the reason they loved their mom. A treasure for sure!

This little card with fingerprint flowers is just adorable! Here's the poem: 
  This pretty flower  that you see was  made for you by  little me.  My finger   made the flower part,   showing love from  all my heart!  

I think this little bookmark is perfect! I am always reading and usually have several books going at one time. This would be perfect! (hint, hint, children of mine! ;)

The same class made this little necklace by stringing cardstock flowers and pasta on yarn. I have several handmade pasta necklaces that I treasure from the years when my girls were small! 

This poem with handprints has been around forever, but it never gets old. Parents treasure it and it is so true---those little hands do grow up so fast!!!!

Sometimes you get discouragedBecause I am so smallAnd always leave my fingerprintsOn furniture and walls. 
But every day I'm growing -I'll be grown some dayAnd all those tiny handprintsWill surely fade away.
So here's a little handprintJust so you can recallExactly how my fingers lookedWhen I was very small.

Of course, I saved something special for my last idea to share. This was completely new to me and I am completely and totally in love with this idea!!! The children drew with marker on a piece of paper with a little Mother's Day message written on it. The teachers transferred the image onto a candle from the dollar store using wax paper and a hair dryer---genius!!! These turned out so precious --- I don't know that I would ever light it, but I would definitely display it proudly forever! 

I must share this sweet Mother's Day bulletin board with you! The kids made a giant heart collage of mommies and children cut from magazines and pictures of each child with their mommy was posted around it! 

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Looking for some good books to read with kids about Mother's Day? These are my favorites!

Do you have a favorite handmade gift from your children? I'd love to hear about it! Share it with us in the comments below!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE these ideas. I pinned the candle idea and am going to do that next year! How clever! I should probably do it quickly this year for some because a few of my bulbs we planted just won't GROW... :( Thanks for the ideas!


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