Saturday, March 7, 2015

Leprechauns are on the Loose in Pre-K!

Hello again, it's Ayn from little illuminations! My favorite holiday, St. Patrick's Day,  is fast approaching and I'm ready to let the fun begin and share with you here on PreK+K Sharing! 

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Art Center

In our art center, I have shamrock shapes available and cardboard shamrock shapes for tracing. They are great for making Shamrock people or leprechauns!

We also fasten a few toilet paper rolls together to dip in paint. They make cute shamrocks! 

Leprechaun Shenanigans

The leprechauns in our area are notorious troublemakers and tricksters! They come in at night (and sometimes at recess) and take out toys and leave little messes. Occasionally, they will leave us a little treat like Shamrock pudding or green milk. One even dropped his hat in his haste to get away! 

Leprechaun Traps

The kids love to make leprechaun traps to try to catch the leprechauns! They get together and make them out of anything we can find or recycle. Some are fancy and elaborate, 

and some are plain looking, 

but they are a great way for kids to work together and problem solve. My favorite part is having them explain how they have made the trap and why!

 "That leprechaun is gonna fall right in there. Then he's gonna be trapped. We put lots of green stuff in there because we know he likes green stuff!" 

"The leprechaun is going to fly into there. He will look at all the green and we will close the lid and trap him!"

"The leprechaun will go in to play with all the green stuff. There is a bridge and if the leprechaun tries to cross the bridge, he will just fall right in there."

"We put a lot of green fish in ours. After we trap the little guy, we'll push him in and close it. That's how it works!"

The Great Leprechaun Hunt

On St. Patrick's Day, we have "The Great Leprechaun Hunt". We follow clues around the school to see if we can catch him. 

We haven't been successful yet, but he's a good sport and often leaves a little treat at the last clue. Usually, a little bag of skittles with a rhyme about the Skittles being a rainbow.

One of our classes got this neat little treat! It is a canning jar layered with marshmallow clouds, Skittles or M&M's and Hershey's Pot of Gold candy or gold coin candy on the bottom!

Reading About Leprechauns

We love to read! Here is a selection of some of our favorite books about leprechauns.

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May the luck o' the Irish be with you!

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