Saturday, May 3, 2014

Es-SPA-cially for Mother's Day

Today's post is coming to you from Kinder Kapers....and my first question is, "Where has the time gone??"   It is May and time to be thinking about Mother's Day.  In my Kindergarten classroom I always want to do so many things, but these bath salts have been a favorite year after year.

They are easy and fool proof.  You just need:
epsom salts
coarse sea salts
baking soda
a container

The measurements don't have to be exact (which is great when kinder kids do their own measurements).  There are many, many recipes on the internet, but mine goes like this:
3 parts epson salts
1 part sea salt
1/3 part baking soda
few drops of scent (essential oils)
few drops of color
*mix together until scent and color are evenly distributed.

In real life for each student it looks like this:
measure into a quart baggie:
1 cup epson salt
1/3 cup sea salt
2 Tablespoons of baking soda
few drops of scent (I use the liquid candle oils, essential oils are expensive)
few drops of color

*mix together, then pour into glass jar (just because it is so pretty)

Add a card, a note, and you are set.  Send home any extras in the baggie (or layer like a sand painting for someone at your school).  The flowers are just 3 sheets of 6"x12" tissue paper accordion folded, and attached in the middle with a pipe cleaner.

Two notes...if you want to add dried flowers they look lovely in the jar, but I added dried lavendar to the first batch I ever made and when I took the bath it looked like I had little bugs floating all over in my tub.  Looks pretty....but not in the tub.  Never again.  Second, if you are layering bath salts from different students, be careful how many smells you mix together.  It could look pretty....but smell awful.  

Try something fun for your container if you want to dress it up a bit:

I gave those to some special friends one year. 

Stop by my blog, Kinder Kapers, to check out what else we are up to.


  1. Great idea, but I was wondering what you use for the color?

    1. I just used the food coloring I had on hand (from the baking isle at the grocery store for coloring frosting). I like the gel because it is less messy. It always looks like it won't mix....but it does.

  2. I love this idea, Terri! It is always fun to find different Mother's Day ideas. They look so pretty ( an relaxing!) The little shower sponge on top like ice cream is darling! :)
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