Friday, March 7, 2014

My Many Colored Days

Hi! I'm Ayn and I am a Ga. Pre-K teacher, serving 4 and 5 year olds in an inclusive setting. I share my classroom adventures on my blog, little illuminations.

We've been celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday in my class this week and have enjoyed a variety of experiences in connection with many of his great books for children. Today I'm sharing some activities we did in conjunction with "My Many Colored Days". It's really a great book and while, like most of his books, it does follow a rhyming pattern, it is primarily about emotions and how they relate to color. It is a great conversation starter about our different emotions and moods. 

We wore our most colorful outfits to school today and talked about all the colors we saw on each other. We dang a few songs about color before reading "My Many Colored Days". After we read the book and talked a bit our moods, we also talked about what emotions we think about when we see different colors. It was a good day for this conversation, as we had one or two of our classmates that we a bit out of sort today---two friends had been having difficulty making good choices and getting along with classmates, one friend was missing her dad who was away on business, one friend was happy that her grandmother was coming to visit and many of the friends were excited about some of the special events we had going on at school. 

I asked the children to think about how they were feeling at the moment. We looked at the pictures again and again. 

I set out a variety of art materials (colored pencils, tissue paper paints, chalk, crayons and markers) and asked the children to illustrate for me how they were feeling. 

Often when we draw, the children are concerned that they "can't draw people" so I have a variety of people shapes in the art center that they may use if they like.

Some of the children used chalk to draw their "Many Colored Day". 

A few used tissue and painted over the tissue with water. When the tissue dries, the tissue falls off and leaves a beautiful pastel patchwork.

Some of the children preferred to glue the tissue onto the paper.

Some of the children used colored pencils to draw how they were feeling.

Others used paint to illustrate their days.

Tomorrow, we'll go back and tell a little story to go with each picture and make each one a page in our own "Many Colored Days" class book. 

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  1. Ayn, I love how many different choices you gave the children to make their colorful days. It is so sweet to see how they chose what was just right for them. I love this idea! AND I love your Dr. Seuss pin board! Thank you. I am looking forward to Dr. Seuss's birthday next year! :)
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