Monday, February 17, 2014

Rewarding Good Behavior

 Do you celebrate or reward good behavior?  If so, how do you celebrate or reward it? 

At our school, we have Bee theme behavior system. PBIS is still running strong and so we have kept our school rules short and sweet. They are, Be Ready, Be Safe and Be Kind...thus the Bee theme. When students are caught following these rules without needing reminders, they earn a Bee Buck. A Bee buck is a little ticket that has our three school rules on it, a picture of a Bee and a place for the students’ name. 

At the beginning of the year, in my classroom, when kiddos earn a Bee buck, they will write their name on it and put it in the Bee Buck can. Kiddos also get to move their name up on our behavior chart if they earn a Bee Buck. At the end of each week, I pick a name from the can to be our Bee Buck Winner for the week. Their name is also read during morning announcements with the other Bee Buck winners from other classrooms.
After Christmas, students can still earn Bee Bucks but they must collect 10 Bee Bucks to be able to put them in the special can. Once they get 10I count them, they kiddo’s put them in the can and then they get to choose a prize from my classroom treasure box.

At the end of each day, if students have been able to move their names up and they have stayed above green, they earn an m&m for each color above green they are. This is something they work VERY hard for! Students also color in their calendar for the day, so their parent’s know what color they were on for the day. I use these calendars from Lori Rosenberg over at Teaching With Love and Laughter. She has many wonderful things in her store! Check her out!! Just click on the calendar below! The clip chart is also the clip chart that I used in my classroom. 
The colors are as follows: Outstanding-Pink, Great Job-Purple, Good Day-Blue, Ready to Learn-Green, Think About It-Yellow, Teacher's choice-orange, Parent Contact-Red. Students can move up and down the chart all day long based on the choices they are making.

I also reward overall classroom behavior. I have a tally system. When my overall class is making a good choice (working quietly, waiting quietly, walking quietly in a lineetc), they earn a tally mark. If they are not making good choices as a class, I earn a point. When students get to 10 tally marks, they earn popcorn and a movie. If I get to 10 tally marks first, students owe me work time instead of choice/play time.
We have Bee trophies for classrooms that our principal catches Being Ready, Being Safe or Being kind throughout the week. The classroom winners are also announced during Friday announcements. Then our principal presents the winning classes with the trophy after announcements. I am proud to say that OUR CLASS WON THIS PAST WEEK!!!! YAAAAAHHHHH HOOOOOOO!!! We have been working so hardand that hard work finally paid off!

 As you notice, our Bee trophy is decked out in glasses, a vest, skirt and even a purse! Each time a classroom win's the trophy, they add something special to the trophy. You may even notice that one class added a band-aide to her little leg. What should we add???

How do you reward good behavior? Leave a comment and share how you manage your classroom/child behavior! 

 Carie is a kindergarten teacher from Illinois who writes on the 17th of each month. She shares her experiences and ideas from her classroom, reading, writing, math, Art, and several other fun and exciting things!
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  1. I am so glad you are enjoying my calendars! I couldn't live without them!
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