Thursday, February 27, 2014

3 Spring Crafts

Soooo we have been busy busy busy in the last few weeks. The kids have had their half term holidays from nursery and kinder and it was time to have some fun. I thought I would take the opportunity to share 3 of our favourite Springs craft with you - some from the half term break and some from years gone by...

First up we have our Cress Heads.. such a CLASSIC activity for kids of all ages. There is a reason why kids love doing it - it is creative, fun AND they get to see results QUICKLY.. ours grew in 4 days. Amazing. Kids came to take a look almost hourly to check on progress!

We love exploring the Four Seasons each year and pick a different theme each year. First we did Bubble Wrap Printing, then we made these contact paper colour pictures.. and finally we did nature Spring art.

Egg Carton Blossom Fairy Lights. The kids ADORED painting these egg cartons in pinks (for blossom) and yellow (for daffodils). We then added a little glitter and our new Spring Fairy Lights were almost finished. They looked so pretty and jolly!

I hope some of these easy and hands on activities have inspired you to have a go!

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