Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year's Eve Masks

The time between Christmas and New Year's is always a "quiet" one for many people. We all relax after the business and madness of December, stretch our legs and let our full bellies groan. Time to rest!

And then suddenly, we remember New Year's Eve.... what shall we do for New Year's Eve? We have put together 30 New Year's Eve Crafts and Activities, to help you along the way if you are celebrating with kids. We also collated 10 wonderful New Year's Eve Traditions from around the world - from Grapes at Midnight, to Marzipan Pigs in the morning!

For me New Year's Eve is all about creating your OWN traditions! So have  a look at the ideas linked up and see which ones will be part of YOUR traditions!

But I digress, I actually wanted to share with you our little Masquerade Masks, that you can make quickly from bits and pieces at home. Perfect for any fancy dress New Year's Eve party with the kids.

They are super easy to make, the kids can go "crazy with the decorations" and love what they made.

You will need card, jeans, glue and decorations.
We cut out a simple template. My daughter wanted a butterfly mask.
My son decided that his was a monster mask and that it needed LOTS of googly eyes.
He then spent the next day and a half, adding little bits here and there when he had some time to fill.
They were both super proud of their masks.
What I love best, is that we actually made this craft after a little "squabble" over a shop bought butterfly mask... there was only ONE butterfly mask that Granny had brought and the girl's cousin ended up getting it. C'est la vie and all that. 
The girl was sad about this, so I told her we would make one (Granny offered to buy another, I said, NO, I want to teach the kids, that buying stuff isn't the solution, but that making your own, can be better and more fun)
Both love their mask and feel that they are superior to the shop bought one.
We had a lovely crafting session and used up some recyclable materials.
Win win.

Happy New Year everyone!

About the Author: Maggy Woodley, is a mum of two and loves all things crafts! She loves nothing better than to recycle and forage for craft materials –making crafts economical, a bit  more environmentally friendly and fun. Maggy also writes at Life at The Zoo about cooking with kids, sciency “stuff” and the odd bit of gardening, as well as at Theatre Books and Movies for well, theatre, book and movies! Red Ted Art, is also now being translated into German, Spanish and Russian for more people to enjoy! Do check them out!

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