Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NAEYC 2013


It is that time of the year when we wish everyone a great holiday season and reflect on the year we are about to leave as history.

If you have never attended NAEYC and you are in Early Childhood Education plan to attend in 2014 in Dallas, TX.  It is an experience you don’t want to miss so save your coins, buddy up with others to share expenses and find a happening world of people dedicated to children.  I want to share some of the friends I meet at NAEYC and also Frog Street SPLASH each year.  We share hugs, music, food, information and try to help each other to make this a better world for all children.

L to R Lisa Kay Vinson, Dr. Jean Feldman and Mary Jo
For many years this is the only time we get to visit and share information.
Dr. Jean is the QUEEN of Early Childhood and Lisa is a teacher/trainer at Austin Peay University in Clarksville, TN.  Even though we have only precious minutes it is great to catch up.  I may need to color my hair blonde?

Della Johnson from SC with famous author Denise Flemming.  Della was a brand new grandmother and buying books, books, books and loving every minute of the conference.

Check out the man in pur0ple…..our own Dr. Thomas Moore a partial product of Indiana.
L to R  Dr. Pam Schiller an expert in Early Childhood Education and is in charge of the Frog Street Pre-K Curriculum and is implementing a new Infant/Toddler curriculum.  Mary Jo, Dr. Thomas, Diane Patterson who is in charge of sales for Frog Street and Sharon Burnet one of the original designers of the eve
rlasting Frog Street productions.

FROG STREET friends reception was a wonderful event filled with hugs, kisses, songs, and memories!

Picture taken from the balcony of a reception.

Exhibit floor -  This is just a view from one end of the hall.  The best place to get information and meet friends.  Had to have comfortable shoes and a bag on wheels.  Many authors signing books, musicians singing and playing and several booths presenting mini workshops.  I met a lady who stayed in one booth all day because she said she learned so much.

Musical talents to never be missed in our world of young children.  LtoR  Hugh Hanley, Vincent, Carole Peterson.

Jim Gill from the Midwest and such a gentleman!

Don Monopli from the Learning Station - Mr. Tony Chestnut!

Ms. Carolyn - Thomas Moore's #1 helper.
Super Fun Man with his Super Fun Show..........
.Shaking it like a Duck!  Shawn Brown

Our very own Debbie Clement.

Why am I in so many pictures.....because all these wonderful people are my FRIENDS and I am so happy to share their world and to be able to call them my friends.  Catch me with my hat, get a picture and I will call you my friend too.

The world of GINGERBREAD created by Lori Taylor a 3 year old teacher in a local preschool in my home town.  This is truly a work of art and this passion spills over into her classroom filled with wonderment.  I had to share this with you because if you do not live close to me you would never know about this dedication to the world of GINGERBREAD.


Enjoy the close-up views and each item is edible........only the glass bowl is not in that edible because this was a new over-the-top category that this house was entered in and of course it came in first.

And YES she made every little thing you can see - all by herself.

Join me in the celebration of the season.  I will spend the holiday with my three wonderful children and 8 grandchildren ranging from 28 to 2 years old and every minute is precious.  I hope this blog put a smile on your face and I hope our paths cross during 2014.  Give me a call and I will come to visit your area and we can sing, dance, tell stories and make puppets happen.  REMEMBER the REASON for the SEASON and stay safe!


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