Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Splat Monsters!

Welcome back to the new school year! I had a wonderful summer off with my kiddos, dreaming up new lesson plans, especially for my youngest students. This was an idea I saw on Pinterest and decided to take it a step further with my First Graders (it is totally adaptable to younger students, I did it with my 4 year old at home this summer, too!)

These "splat monsters" have had my kids buzzing for a couple weeks now...they are THRILLED with how they have turned out!
I began by reading the book "Jeremy Draws a Monster" by Peter McCarty. If you have never read this book, be sure to check it out! It is a great story about choosing the right friends!

Our production process started out with a small puddle of liquid watercolor paint* and the kids used a regular drinking straw to blow the paint around on their paper. They repeated this step 3 times with 3 different colors.

*I used Sax liquid watercolor paint, but any watered-down tempera or even acrylic will do!

We used google-eyes as eyeballs (this is NOT necessary, but they are very cute! I had a parent donate-no lie- about 2,000 eyeballs, so I'm literally swimming in eyeballs!)

After our paint splats were dried, we used black crayon (only!) to add mouths, arms, legs, and backgrounds to our picture.

Because each splat looked different, it was easy for students to decorate differently, too! A total win-win if you ask me :)

Our first grade teachers collected these projects and did a writing assignment to go along with them. They were completely adorable! Have a MONSTER of a time making these!

Joanna Davis-Lanum is a National Board Certified elementary art teacher and the author and voice behind her classroom blog "We Heart Art". She is glad to see all of her little monsters again this year!


  1. So awesome! I have to do this. I home school my boys and the youngest is a first grader. He would love this 8)

  2. It's very important to learn to express their thoughts and feeling in speech and action.

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