Friday, September 20, 2013

Dr. Danny Brassell's Top 5 Articles

Dr. Danny Brassell's Top 5 Articles @ PreK+K Sharing

We here at the collaborative are so grateful to have so many celebrities in our midst. 
This month for Dr. Danny's article it's fitting to provide you with 
Danny's Top 5 Articles in order of their popularity. 

Enjoy the opportunity to see what your peers have found MOST helpful. 

Beginning the countdown with #5........ 

I give you Danny's article: 

       5.   The Secret Steps to Creating a Thriving Reading Environment 

The Secret Steps to Creating a Thriving Reading Environment by Dr. Danny Brassell

How Parents Can Integrate Math with Reading by Dr. Danny Brassell

Come find out what that wise professor from Harvard has to share. 
Lesson Learned from Teaching English Language Learners

Come find out how teaching children compares to blue jeans! 

Parents can Improve Children's Vocabulary by Dr. Danny Brassell

And now........ 
{A *HUSH* comes over the crowd} 
DRUMROLL please..................................................

The number one Dr. Danny article of all time? 
If you have ever heard the man speak,
this probably won't come as any surprise. 

He is truly passionate about this subject. 

10 Ways to Get Boys Reading by Dr. Danny Brassell 

We welcome Danny back in our midst, 
once his travel schedule allows. 
At this moment he is in Canada, but he is back and forth across the country as much as any presenter I know. 

Keep your eyes open! 
If you see him on a program in your area, 
be certain to mark your calendar accordingly. 

On behalf of Dr. Danny
This is your editor-in-chief reporting, 
Debbie Clement

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