Friday, June 28, 2013

Walnut Lady Bugs

If you know me, you may know, that I LOVE crafting with Walnut shells. I think it is a beautifully tacticle craft material to use with kids - it just has such a lovely shape and texture. And we are always looking for more and more things to make from Walnuts!

Already we have made little Walnut Baby Cots, Walnut Mice, Walnut Nests and Walnut Boats (some of which appear in my kids Craft Book - Red Ted Art)!

Today we would love to share our Walnut Lady Bugs! Super simple. Super cute.

The craft is simple:

Materials: A walnut shell per bug, red and black paint and optional black card for legs

1) Paint your shell red. 
2) Once dry, add a black face and spots.
3) In the meantime cut out a black body with legs and then glue the walnut shell on!

Done. Simple, no?

The fun thing though, is that you can add all sorts of different numbered dots to your Lady Bugs and then use them for counting and adding games. Brilliant.

Hope you enjoyed this little Summer Craft. If you are looking for more ideas, I have over 20 Summer Crafts shared over on Red Ted Art, as well as some Weather based Science Activities over on Life At The Zoo. Be inspired to have a go!


  1. Wow! Very cute! Do you do these and use in classroom or do you have your little ones do these?

    1. I use them with my little ones, but they would be great in the classroom (sorry about the ahem super late reply!!)


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