Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Great summer reads for parents and educators; 5 fun summer reads for kids!

My originally planned post literally fell apart (A helpful hint for you: If you do a paper maché project out in the sunshine, remember to bring it in before the rain!), so instead I offer this list of great summer reads for all ages, to avoid the summer slide:

This post contains amazon affiliate links in case you have trouble getting these through your local library.
For the adults:

1. If you haven't read Richard Louv's amazing book about the need for the great outdoors, I urge you to get your hands on it this summer. It gives some startling statistics and thoroughly researched information, as well as suggestions on how to make time outdoors happen.

2.If you're like most people, you spent at least a portion of your summer trying to get things organized in the hopes of making your fall more streamlined. Julie Morgenstern's classic book has some great pointers for all aspects of your life including offices (and by extension, classrooms).

3.This one is on my own summer reading list. It touches on everything from organizing the classroom to discipline issues to portfolios. Looks great!

4.There are mixed opinions about STEM teaching (boy, is this one a touchy subject, no matter which side of the debate you're on!), but I've added this book to my reading list because I'm intrigued to see how one could tie arts in with daily STEM instruction.

5.Because at least one book you read this summer should be just for pleasure, here's one of my favourites from the great Barbara Kingsolver!

For kids:

1.Alligator Pie is a compilation of very funny and strange poems by Dennis Lee that stick in your brain like glue! A hit with every child I have ever read it to, and my adult child can still recite every one by heart.

2.Summer is a great time to read the classics! Treasure Island leads to all sorts of imaginary play and keeps kids in every age range enthralled.

3.Get them hooked on mythology! Start with a beautifully illustrated book of Greek Myths and then let them loose at the library to find myths from every culture.

4.The Boxcar Children stories have appealed to kids since they were written many years ago. Gentle adventures, main characters (children) who show courage and intelligence, and some really fun stories!

5.Why not take Winnie The Pooh to the park with your little ones (along with a picnic, of course!) and lie under a tree together to read? Who knows, maybe they'll even nap.


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  2. I am going to have to checkout the Teaching Outside The Box. Sounds interesting. We are going to be starting to read the Boxcar Children soon. I have never heard of STEM teaching before. I am going to have to check that out.

    1. The Boxcar Children series is so much fun, especially the first one! Enjoy your reading.

  3. Love that Greek Mythology book! We studied it extensively last year!

    1. I've just bought it for when we cover ancient history this fall again. The illustrations are just beautiful, aren't they?

  4. Pinned! Very nice list and I'm keeping it on hand for trips to the library. Thanks.


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