Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Metamorphosis Freebie!

Hi everyone! This is Sue Cahalane from Science for Kids Blog, I'm here on the 29th of every month. We just had the Science Fair at our school and one of my students brought in silkworms & silk cocoons! What a great opportunity to show my little ones the amazing life cycle of a moth.

Aren't they crazy looking??!! It looks like they have tiny faces! They love mulberry leaves. When they pupate, they make their cocoons - perfect little ovals of silk!
2 salivary glands in the caterpillar's head secrete a long, continuous thread of silk creating the cocoon.  Inside the cocoon, metamorphosis occurs & voila! A white moth emerges!

This is the worksheet I use when I teach butterfly metamorphosis. Click on the worksheet to pick up a copy! 

I uploaded a freebie on poison ivy identification. Click on the pic below for a copy: 
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Wishing you a safe and happy summer!


  1. Thanks for the poison ivy guide. We will print that off and use it this summer. We just moved to the country and I have my first case in years. Ugh.

    1. I hope it goes away quickly! Enjoy living in the country, sounds beautiful!

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