Monday, December 10, 2012

Wintertime Fun!

We have started to get a little bit of snow here in northern Michigan. The perfect time to remind everyone of some of the GREAT LEARNING fun that can happen in the winter time snow!
Our Mudpie Kitchen Turns into a.... 
A wonderful snow cake kitchen
Children love to experience the weather, and the various seasons. 
All weather is perfect for outdoor fun and exploration provided you have the proper clothing!

Snow provides a perfect opportunity for children to engage in real work. Having child sized snow removal equipment like shovels and "Yooper Scoopers" assist in their ability to explore and contribute. 
Did you know that if the weather is cold enough, you can make your own snow? 
Throwing hot water up into the cold air makes instant snow!!!
Did you know that you can also make bubbles freeze? (And you thought that bubbles were for the summer time!)

Sledding is one of our all time favorite things to do:
Sometimes we sled down our louge run! 
Sometimes we use our swimming pools for giant collaborative sleds!
Sometimes, we make our own sleds with cardboard boxes and duct tape! 

With all of the wintery white, we like to add a bit of color! 
Check out all of the ways that you can paint the snow!

Kool-Aid powder and water make a great snow paint!
Catapults and Sponge Balls add a great SPLAT of color!
Spray bottles add a bit of color and are great for fine motor skills!
Giant homemade brushes add color and encourage gross motor skills!
Pendulums are a lot of fun to paint with in the snow too!

We also love to build forts....
Fun Fort Friday!
Sometimes we like to investigate our footprints and make other kinds of tracks in the snow!

Making Critter Tracks in the Snow.

What is your favorite thing to do in the winter snow?

 More About Amy

Amy Ahola is the owner/operator of Child Central Station, group home daycare and educational toy store in Marquette, Michigan.  She has been running her own business since 2005. Prior to that time, Amy worked in a childcare center and public school. In addition to her childcare business, Amy also provides educational training sessions. Amy earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Northern Michigan University and a M.S. in Training, Development, and Performance Improvement.  For more information about any of her programs, please visit Child Central Station or Find her on Facebook

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  1. Wonderful photos. Looks like so much fun. We don't get that much snow in Texas but we sure had fun in it when we lived in Kansas. Pinning it.


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