Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Celebrations, Crafts + Diversity

photo of: Christmas Tree Craft for Young Children at PreK+K Sharing

December's Here!
December ideas! 

photo of: Christmas Wreath from Painted Handprints at PreK+K Sharing
Hands Together Wreath of Painted Hand Prints

December celebrations.
December projects.

photo of: Candy Cane Collage at PreK+K Sharing

As soon as the turkey left-overs are finished,
 the December dash is declared. 

photo of: Christmas Holiday Fine Motor Fun at PreK+K Sharing

Looking for reindeer? Look no further! 

photo of: Reindeer Variations!

So much to do. So many decisions.
To-elf or not-to-elf: 
that is the question!

photo of: Elf on the Shelf Fun at PreK+K Sharing

Go here to see what oh-so-clever Crystal of "Kreative in Kinder" did in her room last year. She had so many ideas to share.

Are you putting on a holiday program? 
Family performance? 
Did you see Miss Carole's bell ringing article
Choosing a simple and child-friendly song that's DAP makes for delight over stress.
The children enjoy their time in the spotlight and parents appreciate happy children.

photo of: Bell Ringing Sing-a-Long at PreK+K Sharing

Are you searching Pinterest for a simple card keepsake memento? 
Now's the time to click back to Carie's article from last year. 
It's FILLED with ideas including this classic. 

photo of: Christmas Mementos at PreK+K Sharing

How about a gift idea? 
Last year, Joanna's peppermint play-doh recipe 
was our first pinterest explosion when our blog was just getting launched. 
Just as classic this year as last. 

photo of: Peppermint Play doh Recipe from We Heart Art @ PreK+K Sharing

Yesterday Joanna offered the directions for creating a Christmas tree countdown calendar craft. What a delightful way to mark the passing of days, leading up to the shining star. 

photo of: Countdown to Christmas (Advent Calendar) by We Heart Art at Prek+K Sharing

While Christmas may be on the minds of many of the students in your room, December holds a myriad of celebrations.
Click here to see how Ayn has tied in the study of many cultures for her students. 

December is a time of lights.
Twinkling candles are at the center of many homes. 
Watching the wonder in your child, grand-child or student's eyes reminds us of the spirit of the central message of the season 
-- unique to each of us. 
We adults need to remember to focus and breathe. 
Simplifying our expectations is key to delight in December.

Creative Learning Fun 
has oodles of Hanukkah ideas and inspiration. 
Here's the link to a cluster of resources on that site. 


You also need to pop over to fellow blogger, 
"The Pleasantest Thing" 
to receive the directions and tutorial on this next child-friendly craft. 

hanukkah craft

Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa the list goes on. 
Look at how those same fingers with paint can celebrate across the spectrum.

photo of: Kwanzaa Kinara via Activity Village at PreK+K Sharing

Special thanks to Lindsay all the way around the world at "Activity Village" for her permission and support to encourage the inclusion of this Kwanzaa Kinara in my little roundup today. She spells out the exact method used to create this keepsake on her blog in this article.

December holds the possibility of recognizing all in our midst who could use some seasonal cheer. Our own Marsha of "A Differentiated Kindergarten" fame, had a stunningly brilliant article here at PreK+K, just last week on how she orchestrates kindness in her kinders. What a marvelous system for guiding your children to a month of service to others. 

photo of: Random Acts of Kindergarten Kindness from "A Differentiated Kindergarten" at PreK+K Sharing
Random Acts of Kindergarten Kindness from "A Differentiated Kindergarten" 

***These are just a few of the highlights that can be found digging around our cyber directory here at PreK+K Sharing. We have all sorts of articles by our collaborating authors on snow books, snowflakes, snowmen (counting) and all things more generically 'winter.'

photo of: Montessori Snowman Counting + Colors at PreK+K Sharing
Montessori Snowmen 

I just added a little FREEBIE poem suitable for children's Christmas art projects or for including inside of a card of art. Click over to my new little store at Teachers Pay Teachers to download it for your use this month. 
photo of: Christmas Poem for Children's Artwork by Debbie Clement

May you have a wonderful December and appreciate all that your heritage and culture have to offer the wider world. May you bask in the child-like awe of this month. May December bring you a sense of calm in the midst of all of your celebrating. May there be JOY. May you be part of the creating of JOY. May there be JOY for all. 

photo of: Holiday Greetings from RainbowsWithinReach at PreK+K Sharing

-- Debbie --
***This article is a bloghop. 
We look forward to your ideas. 
Please link up your crafts, recipes, classroom + family traditions.
*Please be a gracious contributor and add a back link here.

P.S. Here's a 'flash' from the future.
I got to give my first.ever.NATIONAL.KEYNOTE!

photo of: Holiday Wonder and Joy from PreK+K Sharing
Debbie Clement writes regularly at her blog RainbowsWithinReach. She travels the country sharing her original songs for children and their traditional picture book adaptations. She's thrilled to be a nationally award winning author and illustrator, but watching the season unfold through the eyes of her seven Wonder Peeps is the greatest joy of all. Join with her 86,000 followers on Pinterest and follow her store at Teachers Pay Teachers for the latest digital zipped files of her songs and their support materials. 


  1. Awesome roundup, Debbie! It's so much fun to look back on all the wonderful activities that have been shared here over the past year. Thanks for sharing my Montessori snowmen, too! I linked up some posts and pinned this post to my Kids' Christmas Activities Board at

    1. You're so correct, Deb. There's really an encyclopedia of ideas. I hope that this RoundUP brings some visibility to the excellence from last year. You're the best at getting the word out.



  2. What a great round up of ideas. Thanks for making it a blog hop.

    1. You are so welcome. It's fun to see everyone's ideas in the blog hop format, isn't it? Can't wait to make it for a visit to everyone's link. Thanks for your support.


  3. Wonderful! And very kind of you to have a linky, also! The photos are phenomenal, as usual. Thanks for inspiration!


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